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Green Split Pea Dahl

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on April 21, 2017

 Well, this dahl, or dal, however you prefer to spell it, is a real thing nowadays.  We invite you to try our incredible and a little unconventional Green Split Pea Dahl recipe which is certain to tickle your taste buds and satisfy your desire to eat healthy green split peas in a new and fun way.  You are going to fall in love with the ingredients and seasonings in our vegan split pea dahl to be served over your favorite rice! This completely vegan split pea dahl recipe is made...

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Perfect Whole Wheat Honey Dinner Rolls

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on April 10, 2017

We are super excited to unleash our perfect whole wheat honey dinner rolls right before the holidays this year.  In keeping with our tradition of milling our own grains, here you go; YUM is an understatement if we may say so ourselves! Our hard white wheat berry is perfect for these homemade yeast rolls. The honey gives these yeast rolls a little extra sweetness and makes it very difficult to eat just one. Our homemade yeast rolls are very light and airy, just like they should be.  Couple that with...

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Gluten Free Spaghetti with Roasted Vegetables

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on April 06, 2017

 How would you like to make your very own gluten free pasta recipe and top it off with fresh roasted veggies?  Our gluten free pasta dish is absolutely wonderful and we are excited to share it with you.  This pasta recipe has outstanding flavor and great texture – let’s just say it is instant pleasure for those who serve up gluten-free pasta dishes. Our gluten free pasta is so flavorful that you will find yourself wondering why you should purchase gluten free pasta in the store.  Just think about all...

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Garden Wheat Berry Salad

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on March 30, 2017

 When we say unbelievable, we are right on target with our “Unbelievable Wheat Berry Salad!”   We offer encouragement here to make our quick and super easy wheat berry salad because there is absolutely no disappointment with the flavors or textures in our wheat berry salad. We guarantee every single one of our Non-GMO wheat berries will burst with a complete, rich and wholesome flavor that will send you back to the kitchen for another round!  One of our goals is to “win” you over to the fresh side of creativity...

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Mexican Lentils & Rice

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on March 23, 2017

 Our Mexican Flavored Lentils & Rice really showcase our little brown lentils in this very versatile lentil and rice one pot meal.  We are so about maximizing our efforts in the kitchen whenever possible, and this lentil and rice recipe is really like one dish “wonder”; wait until you see the possibilities that you can unlock with your creativity.  There are so many ways to serve this lentil and rice recipe, it will always look and taste like something new (see serving ideas below to get you started).  So, get...

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Healthy Spring Salad with Garbanzo Beans

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on March 16, 2017

Introducing our spectacular spring salad recipe featuring our amazing fresh garbanzo beans and green split peas.  Sound tempting? This spring recipe is definitely more than tempting and makes a great side or main dish, try it for lunch someday. In our efforts to promote healthy eating, we also like to pack our recipes full of deliciousness and you will find deliciousness in our vegan, gluten-free, soy-free spring recipe!  Now that’s a big win, win! As I sit here in the mountains and look outside at the deep, deep snow, the...

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Vegan Irish Stew

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on March 10, 2017

Oh boy – that just about says it all! This vegan stew is loaded with so many healthy root vegetables and of course, our extremely delicious garbanzo beans!  Because we grow them to perfection we slipped our exceptional garbanzo beans right in there, making this recipe our very own Irish stew - - shhh, right down to the beer. Don’t tell Grandma we altered her vegan Irish stew recipe a little bit by leaving the barley out. The rich and robust flavor is undeniable!  Our vegan stew is full of...

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Best Shortbread Cookies

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on March 07, 2017

If you are looking for the best shortbread recipe then this shortbread recipe is just for you.  Our shortbread cookie recipe is quick and easy, as well as fabulous.  We like our shortbread cookies to be slightly brown on top and semi-soft on the inside.  How about you?  This is the best shortbread cookie recipe we know of and well worth making.  It’s a “try it, you’ll like it” kind of shortbread recipe! Our shortbread cookie recipe can be put together in no time at all if you have already...

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Garbanzo Bean Nugget Casserole

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on February 24, 2017

 Did the recipe title catch you a little off-guard – are you wondering what a Garbanzo Bean Nugget Casserole is?  Great, we have now caught your eye and are going to introduce you to a very fun and healthy casserole recipe made with our garbanzo beans.  And yes, it is fun to make the tots with garbanzo beans!  In fact, we have added just the Baked Tot recipe for you as well. Our Garbanzo Tot Bake is a replacement for traditional tater tots which, by the way, are widely recognized...

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6 Soups Recipes to Find the Joy of Winter

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on February 23, 2017

Hero Image By The Floating Kitchen  Study after study and there is still only good things to be said about garbanzo beans! Garbanzo beans or chickpeas are known for being high in protein but they are also high in minerals and fiber. They also have a low fat and low to sodium, when you use dried beans as opposed to canned. Studies have shown that garbanzo beans could possibly prevent heart disease, fight cancer, lower cholesterol, help manage weight and diabetes. To learn more about garbanzo bean nutrition check out...

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