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10 Breakfast Recipes You Haven't Tried

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on May 07, 2021

Breakfast is a favorite meal and an important start to every day. Although the same breakfast day in and day out can become quite boring, so we have tracked down new ideas for breakfast using legumes and wheat berries. These ideas are fresh and full of protein, plus they include all of the micronutrients and other benefits of eating legumes without having to wait for lunch or dinner.    1.  Chickpea Scramble Get the recipe here.    2. Warm Wheat Berry Breakfast  Get the recipe here.   3. Breakfast Burritos...

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The Best Chocolate Brownies from Scratch

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on April 05, 2021

Right out of the baking dish and our extra finicky relative is raving!  Our brownies from scratch are truly a hit and we could not be more proud.  Our lentil recipes passed every taste test with flying colors! Watch out because these brownies are dark, extra rich in flavor, and have a creamy texture you will love! We really like to share lentil recipes that bring lentil nutrition to our bodies, outstanding flavor to our taste buds, and contentment and satisfaction.  Legumes aren’t just for savory dishes anymore—they’re part of...

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Asian Wheat Berry Salad

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on March 25, 2021

When we first came across this recipe from the Daring Gourmet, we fell in love! This recipe is refreshingly light and so easy. We've made it even easier by taking Daring Gourmet's recipe and tweaking it just a tad. Instead of making our own salad mix, we used a bag of broccoli slaw and used store bought Hoisin sauce instead of making our own. If you are interested in her homemade salad mix and her hoisin sauce recipe, please check out her blog!  It's always a great idea to have a...

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Chickpea Flour - Why You Should Be Using It

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on March 19, 2021

Garbanzo beans have a long shelf life, and are high in protein and fiber. They have been a staple in Middle Eastern, Indian, and Mediterranean dishes for many years. Evidence of garbanzo beans being cultivated has been found as early as 3500 BC from Jericho to Turkey to Greece. In recent years Americans have begun to fall in love with this mighty pulse.  Pulses, like lentils and garbanzo beans, are the edible seeds of plants in the legume family. The Palouse region in Washington State is known for its production...

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Easy No Tahini Hummus

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on March 04, 2021

Hummus is delicious and nutritious. It is a great dip for vegetables and whole grain chips, and can also be used as healthy spread for wraps and sandwiches. Making hummus at home is quick, easy and more affordable, with the exception of tahini. Tahini is a key ingredient when making traditional hummus but it is also expensive and not something you always have in your pantry. So here is our quick, easy and tahini-less hummus recipe.    No-Tahini Hummus Ingredients 2 cups cooked garbanzo beans*, or 1 can 3 tbsp....

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12 Recipes to Brighten Your Spring

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on March 03, 2021

We are so excited Spring has arrived! The feet of snow is melting and the sun is shining. Spring is bringing with not also warmer weather but also light and bright recipes! We have pulled the twelve recipes we are ecstatic to make this Spring, from fun salads to power smoothies. We hope you find something you love on this list! 1. Corn and Carrot Soup with Roasted Chickpeas  Get the recipe here.  2. Veggie Lentil Burgers Get the recipe here.  3. Chopped Salad Pizza 4. Lemon and Garlic Hummus Get the...

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Spanish Lentil Chili

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on March 02, 2021

Oh, so delicious and tasty!  The robust tomato flavor is unbelievable. This is the perfect legume meal! Lentils are a vegans' best friend. Extremely cheap and high in protein and fiber, lentils are easily prepared and a super-easy way to pack out any salad or fill any wrap. This vegetarian chili recipe is gluten-free and also focuses on using less sodium!  We know that a lot of lentil chili recipes can be quite the same and pretty boring, but we guarantee this one is everything but boring. Our chili recipe is...

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Cheesy Pull Apart Garlic Bread

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on February 12, 2021

Our cheesy pull apart bread is literally a show stopper and will quickly become the topic of conversation whether you serve it before dinner with a little wine or just put it on the table with the rest of your meal.  The combination of flavors in our pull apart bread is really terrific and we can’t brag enough about it! Recently our family has taken to our cheesy pull apart bread, over pull apart pizza bread so that definitely sends a powerful message.  It must have something to do with...

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9 Tips for Saving on Groceries

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on January 15, 2021

This last year has brought many changes to everyone's daily lives. It is safe to say that more people are cooking at home than in years past. We all know bread making has seen a rise in popularity in 2020 and we love seeing all the wonderful loaves! Cooking at home is a great place to try new things and a great way to bond with the people of your household. If you aren't careful though the cost of cooking at home can start to add up. Special ingredients and impulse...

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How to Grow Wheatgrass

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on January 11, 2021

We are excited to show you how to make the most amazing wheatgrass from sprouted wheat berries without leaving your kitchen . . . “because there’s a “little farmer” in all of us,” right?  Growing wheatgrass is easy and fun. If you have children, why not bring out the “little farmer” in them too.  This is a terrific way to get everyone interested in where their food comes from. Our wheatgrass is ready to cut and use in just 5-6 days!  First, let us tell you about the benefits of wheatgrass. Wheatgrass...

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