kidney bean chili recipe

Slow Cooker Kidney Bean Chili

Halloween is officially upon us along with the end of October. We’re into the last couple months of the year and into colder and colder weather, so who doesn’t love a warm bowl of chili? We love this time of year, especially Halloween and all the fun tasty treats that go with it. This kidney bean chili recipe has the savory flavors while also having the cheeky, spookiness appearance of Halloween with the fun Jack-O-Lantern pie crust tops. 

red kidney bean recipes

This chili is full of flavor and a favorite fall recipe among many of us here at Palouse Brand. It’s a deep, hearty stew with spices that will warm your insides and fill your kitchen with familiar aromas. We love to pair this chili with cornbread, pita bread or Native American Fry Bread. This kidney bean chili can even be made to be vegetarian by substituting brown lentils for the ground beef. We love this chili for parties too and the added Jack-O-Lantern top really gives it a flair for the dramatic.

kidney bean chili



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Nancy on

Should the beans be soaked before they are put in the crockpot?

Dan on

looks great going to try

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