homemade sugar cookies

Homemade Sugar Cookies

We have magnificent, naturally sweetened homemade sugar cookies to share with you, though we are not sure where the sugar went – ok, just kidding, it’s in the frosting. Wait until you experience the taste and texture of these wonderful cookies.

It really is time to talk about cookie recipes and this is the perfect time of year to try new cookie recipes and have some fun decorating them.  Our recipe is made with our whole wheat soft white wheat berries. Our wheat berries are so pure and natural, their quality just can’t be denied.

You don’t have to chill the cookie dough before pressing shapes. Even though these homemade sugar cookies are soft and flavorful, your cookie cutters will cut the perfect edge every time.  They are perfect for decorating and will freeze well. Double the recipe means double the fun!  Our recipe will show you how to make sugar cookies the Palouse Brand way; quick, easy and rewarding!

Having that “down home” feeling is always wonderful.  Our cookie recipe comes as no surprise with its ultra-light consistency, a little crispiness around the edges, a little chewiness, and packed with a sweet vanilla-wheat flavor.  Really makes your mouth water, right?

There are tons of homemade sugar cookie recipes out there for sure, and you are probably wondering why you should try another sugar cookie recipe, especially when you are happy with the one you have made for years. So let us just tell you, “It’s all about the wheat”.  When you mill flour from quality wheat berries, you bring the best into your kitchen.  That’s what makes the real difference.

We guarantee you will love our whole wheat homemade sugar cookie recipe.


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