Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

This week on my sourdough journey, I set out on my first sourdough sandwich loaf using hard white wheat flour. The star of the show was my trusty starter I shared last week (like any good sourdough). It was well-fed and ready to go! 

I will say experimenting with fresh-milled whole wheat flour has brought a unique challenge to my recipes. Unlike store-bought flour, the nature of fresh milling requires adjustments, particularly in the water content. My recipes now incorporate more water than the typical sourdough formula, allowing the flour to showcase its distinctive fresh milled qualities. 

sourdough loaf recipe

Another key realization, which I believe will make my future loaves even better, is a shift in the proofing and baking schedule. Transitioning from proofing overnight and baking in the morning to proofing during the day and baking at night provides me with some extra hours to allow a full second rise.  It was hard to fit it all in with with work and busy kiddo commitments but this easy baking schedule change will make it much easier! 

My absolute favorite part of sourdough is the fragrance wafting through my kitchen as the bread bakes. The tangy aroma is a testament to the unique character of sourdough, making the anticipation of the first slice all the more exciting.

I also added in all-purpose flour in my second loaf to aid the rise and achieve that perfect balance.  The bran in the whole wheat flour can pose a challenge to obtaining a good rise, but this addition proved to be a helpful ally. The result is a loaf filled with all the nutrients of a truly whole grain bread, with no additives or preservatives, and my the kiddos loved! 

sandwich sourdough loaf

A crucial tip is to pull your starter from the fridge well in advance and let it reach room temperature before incorporating it into a recipe. This simple step ensures the starter is at its peak performance to make the best sourdough.  

Stay tuned for next week's sourdough adventure.  I am excited to share my  discoveries and enhancements as I continue to learn, adapt, and savor the delicious rewards of homemade sourdough perfection. Happy baking!


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Georgia on

I made this bread and it turned out wonderful. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kara on

The dough doesn’t need to rise once placed in the pan?

Joyce on

I have a bucket of all your wheat berries, which one would I use in place of your listed white whole wheat bread flour and the listed all purpose flour. I prefer to use the wheat berries and grind my own freshly thank you for the wonderful recipes you give they all have been delicious

Pimolpan Hanner on

What kind of All purpose flour do you use and why? Can you mill your own AP flour?

Valerie on

I’m so excited for this sourdough series! I have been using Palouse grains to homemill my flour and make sourdough for a few years now. I’m so pleased to read that your journey with sourdough (and photos of the bread) are similar to mine. Two things I’ve tried that help are doing a final sift of the flour to remove some of the larger bran flakes. I save the bran flakes for dusting on the top of the loaf before baking or adding to other recipes. Also, I add a little bit of vital wheat gluten to the recipe. Thank you for sharing your tips and thoughts! This is fun. I’ll be sure to try your recipe sometime this week.

Lee on

What is number eight mean? It doesn’t make sense to me?

Lydia Percell on

When making 100% whole wheat, I find adding 1 T vital gluten per 2 cups flour (or 250g whole wheat flour) aids in rising as does baking it with steam. If you’re willing to bake a round loaf, a covered dutch oven is perfect for providing the steam without extra work.

Susan Hintze on

Thank you for sharing your technique. No need to post this comment. In line 8. I think you may have ment BAKE instead of BACK? Happy baking, I do love Palouse grains and split peas.

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