Grilled Flat Bread with a Delicious Artichoke Hummus

Grilled Flat Bread with a Delicious Artichoke Hummus

This Grilled Flatbread with Artichoke Hummus is made with our Whole Wheat Flour and topped with a lemony delicious artichoke hummus, perfect for a healthy lunch or afternoon snack! 

Grilled Flatbread and Artichoke Hummus

 Grilled Flatbread 

As the weather is heating up, we are looking for ways to move the cooking outside. This grilled unleavened flat bread.  This recipe is quick and easy, the most complicated step was warming up the milk. Other things to note before making this recipes is that the dough does need to rest for 30 minutes. Also, if not serving immediately, place on a cooling rack to cool, no stacking or they will become soggy. 

whole wheat grilled flat bread

It was fun to grill this flat bread with veggies while cooking the chickpeas for the hummus on our extra burner. A light dinner or party tray cooked outside, quickly, and a hit for sure. 

We used our whole wheat bread flour for this recipe looking to add some depth to flavor, but any of our flours would work well here. 

Delicious Artichoke Hummus

You just have to have this artichoke dip!  This is the kind of hummus we are talking about and, it goes with just about any venue.  So, if you are looking for a different kind of unique flavor, this is it.  The texture is fun because the food processor will leave small marinated chunks of Artichoke in the dip if you don’t over process it.  Our delicious artichoke hummus sent our guests from dipping to scooping in a hurry.  

Our artichoke hummus is smooth, but slightly chunky, a little tangy, and a whole lot of fresh. This delicious artichoke dip has a strength and richness to it as well, and you will think so too once you have made this tasty artichoke hummus dip.

Artichoke Hummus



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Verna Morris on

I’m new to making my own, fresh hummus. What does it mean at the end of the recipe for flat bread and artichoke hummus “the Kit is a huge benefit…”? What is a Kit?

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