lentil salad recipe

Lentil and Quinoa Salad

How about a truly tasty cold lentil salad?  Our lentil salad recipe combined with quinoa can most certainly be a meal all by itself or a great compliment to any entree.  Both lentils and quinoa are becoming much more popular so we thought why not combine them to make a great quinoa salad with our stellar Pardina lentils.

There is such a variety of textures in our lentil and quinoa salad that it really makes it fun to eat.  And talk about flavor, oh my goodness, there is plenty to be had in our lentil salad as well.

brown lentils

Most folks think of lentils when the weather is cool, but with lentils always on our minds, we have a habit of coming full circle in the summer to cool refreshing salads whether we are doling our lentil salad recipe out for lunches throughout the week or as a healthy contribution to a summer cookout.

So if you are only cooking with lentils in the cold months of the year be sure to not neglect our truly tasty cold lentil salad as temperatures start to rise or during the cooler months of the year.   You will find our lentil and quinoa salad recipe to be a completely refreshing, filling salad anytime.  Definitely, a lentil quinoa salad to keep on your culinary radar all year round.

Aside from outstanding flavor and textures, there are a couple of other huge benefits to our lentil and quinoa salad.  We like to boast about how healthy this lentil salad is and how refreshing the taste is when you add the fresh chopped herbs and garnish with toasted cashews.  Super delicious!


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    Leslie on

    Great recipe! I made this Lentil & Quinoa salad for Easter brunch…but based on the contents of my pantry, I replaced the brown lentils with Beluga/caviar lentils and used bulgur wheat in place of the quinoa. It tasted fantastic and my guests insisted on ‘to-go’ cups so they could enjoy another serving!

    Rebecca Marler on

    I really do appreciate your recipes. I’ve been a customer for around 6 years through Amazon. And I know I’m always getting a quality product and supporting a very cool business. Also I love the Palouse country. I grew up in Wenatchee many years ago and have a soft spot in my heart for eastern Washington.

    Mark Kerns on

    Sounds yummy

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