Vegan Orange Chickpeas and Rice

Vegan Orange Chickpeas and Rice

This recipe is a great plant-based or vegan version of orange chicken. These orange chickpeas and rice have a bright, sweet flavor but this chickpea bowl is full of protein and fiber. This is a quick 15 minute dinner, if you use precooked chickpeas.

dried chickpeas

The longest part of this recipes for us was juicing the oranges. To make using dried chickpea more accessible, we cook a larger batch and freeze them for convenient use. Chickpeas will last in the fridge for 5 days, and 6 months in the freezer. We do cook our dried chickpeas to al dente, because we prefer the texture.

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Laurie on

Number of servings?

Phil on

I first saw this recipe on Jan 27th, but I did not have any fresh ginger. I now have ginger, so I cooked a batch today. While clearing off the kitchen counter, I noticed the bag of brown sugar. Since the instructions on your original recipe did not tell when to add the brown sugar, I had not added it. I thought for a moment. How can I add the brown sugar and get it to dissolve completely after the bean recipe was already cooked and ready to eat. My solution was to add some crushed pineapple that I had leftover from another recipe. It was good.

Carol O'C on

This was SO GOOD. I wasn’t sure where to add the brown sugar so just added it to step 4 and it worked out perfectly. I think next time I’ll cook the garbs half way in water and then the second half in the pan with everything so maybe it flavors them more. Man, incredible, thanks, it was a great alternative to the usual dinner.

MaryEllen Suvie Morris on

Oh wow..I can’t wait to make this.
I’m always looking for new vegan recipes so that I don’t fall into that same old same old routine.
Thank you for this recipe!

Santiago on

Sounds awesome! Will definitely try it.

NC on

Sounds delicious. How many does it serve?

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