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Crunchy Air Fried Chickpeas

We have made many roasted chickpea recipes over the years and loved them all. Recently while looking for a potato chip replacement in cold lunches, we wanted to try air fried chickpeas to see if they provided more crunch than just roasted and boy do they! These may be the best roasted chickpeas we have ever had. They are perfectly crunchy and held up in the pantry over the week making them a great, on the go snack. 

dried chickpeas chickpea roasted

We tried two flavor variations, ranch and cinnamon sugar, but the flavor options are as endless as your imaginations. You need just under one tablespoon of what ever seasoning you are wanting to try. 



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Emily on

Can I do this in the oven?? Do not use air fryer

sally on

i looked at the bags I have , I can’t find Kabuli Chickpeas. Are they different from the regular chickpes you send!

Barry on

great recipe
I cut down to 1 cup and increased the time in 5 min increments to get the crunchy garbanzos – great snack

Edwards Carol on

How long do you cook these chickpeas until they are al dente?

Jeff Blumenkrantz on

Thanks for the recipes. Re the air fried chickpea recipe, I don’t think you mean this:
“4. Place 2 cups of dried chickpeas in air fryer basket.”
I think you mean “Place the now cooked chickpeas in air fryer basket.” Right?

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