What We Value

We believe in preserving our natural resources and treating them with care - growing crops that naturally add nitrogen naturally back into the soils. We look at every input from our farming to our packaging with the climate in mind.

Certified the Highest Quality

In order to ensure the highest quality Palouse Brand products are tested for multiple certifications including Kosher status, Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Sustainable by the Food Alliance. Our products are also Desiccant-Free and Non-Irradiated.

Climate Friendly Farming

Our farming practices are essential in our sustainability and minimizing our carbon footprint as well. We operate on a minimum till and direct seeding plan in order to benefit both soil and plant health in our fields. Palouse Brand is also a dry land farming operation, meaning there is no irrigation in our fields and we rely solely on rainfall for our crops.

Eco- Friendly Packaging & Carbon Neutral Shipping

While the quality of our foods is our biggest priority, we are also incredibly invested in making sure our packaging is environmentally friendly and sustainable as well. Our 3 pound products are all packaged in 100% plant based cotton bags, which include drawstrings for easy storage, and upcycling. We also offer our products in our 5 pound burlap bags which are also made with a plant based, vegetable fiber and are tightly woven, which helps maintain the quality of our foods. We also recently joined Ware2Go, A UPS Company, 100% carbon offset shipping network for all of our bulk products.

Highest Standards in Food Safety

We take great care of your food. Our facilities are practicing the latest and greatest in food cleaning and protection. We are audited several times a year by the organizations that allow us to carry their certifications as well as the USDA.