Whole Wheat Bread Flour | 3 LB

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Palouse Brand Stone Ground Whole Wheat Bread  Flour,  3 pound, Non-GMO Hard Red Spring Wheat
Hard Red Spring Flour Nutrition
Palouse Brand Stone Ground Whole Wheat Bread  Flour,  3 pound, Non-GMO Hard Red Spring Wheat
Hard Red Spring Flour Nutrition

Whole Wheat Bread Flour | 3 LB

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Hard Red Spring Wheat is an all purpose whole grain wheat that shows off a beautiful golden red color. These Spring wheat berries are typically seeded in late March or early April.   

Our Hard Red Spring Wheat berries produce a beautiful whole wheat flour that makes an exceptional bread flour. Bread bakers describe aromas from bread like this Sourdough baking in their kitchen filling their homes with an old-world appeal. These triple cleaned wheat berries are the perfect addition to any pantry.

Featured Recipe: Whole Wheat English Muffins

It’s amazing how different homemade English muffins are compared to the store bought ones. Our English muffin recipe whole wheat style has a deep, full flavor, and a smooth and light texture.

How to Cook Wheat Berries

Bring at least 3 cups of water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add 1 cup rinsed wheat berries, and reduce the heat. Simmer until tender, checking periodically for 25 mins. See more ways to cook, and how to grind wheat berries.

More Stone Ground Flour Recipes

From cookies and cakes to breads and muffins, baked goods made with stone ground flour are so much more flavorful and nutritious.

Red Spring Wheat Field Map

Date seeded: 3/31/21
Date harvested: 8/18/21
Rainfall: 16.32
The 2021 crop year has definitely come with its challenges, mainly the most severe drought since 1977. Along with lower yields, our Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries were harvested at a slightly smaller size, though we are thankful to continue to provide a quality product to our customers.

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Grown with you in mind

Palouse Brand is a 5th generation, family-owned and vertically integrated farm that grows, cleans, processes, packages and ships premium legumes and grains directly to consumers. We grow our own products in Eastern Washington and provide information like field location, crop photos and harvest dates. We work hard to include our customers in every aspect of our farm to table process.

Beyond our passion for farming, we value helping people live healthier. We strive to support our customers’ pursuit of health by providing premium nutrient-rich products, transparency, recipes, guides, and five star customer service.

Starts in the field

Kevin has worked on the farm since early childhood. His earliest memories on the farm are riding with his Dad, Steve, in the combine and being with his Mom and Grandma in the kitchen as they prepared meals for the harvest crew. He graduated from Washington State University in 2000 with a degree in Ag Technology and Management. Kevin married his wife, Sara in 2008 and is raising their family on the farm just as he was.

As a family in 2009 the Maders launched Palouse Brand, our direct-to-consumer small bag line. He loves that farming allows for him to be outside, tending to the fields. He finds immense satisfaction in stewarding the land, bringing crops to fruition and growing foods that consumers can connect with.

Packaged for you

Magen has been working to package and ship Palouse Brand products with us since early 2020, working through the surge of orders during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In her free time she enjoys working on cars and has won the Young Timers award at the Palouse Days Car Show, which Palouse Brand sponsors each year, in Palouse, WA.

Magen is excited about all the new and different skills she has learned from driving forklifts to running different types of computer programs. Her favorite part of her job is being able to produce quality products like our flours. As our main flour miller, she is usually found covered in flour.