Air Fried Apple Fritters

Air Fried Apple Fritters

These easy air fryer apple fritters are a delicious and tasty breakfast treat. Our family loves a fritter from our local donut shop. Its a family favorite! Looking for a more cost effective and healthier option to our favorite deep fried treat, we created this recipe. 

We love how quickly this recipe comes together, it is as fast as pancakes or waffles. Our homemade apple cinnamon and glazed fritters are the perfect way to start any day. 

apple fritter fried whole wheat

We used Honeycrisp apples but you could also use Granny Smith or Pink Ladies. The smaller you are able to dice your apples, the more well rounded your fritter will be. We hope you love these whole wheat apple fritters as much as we do! 


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lily on

I don’t have an air fryer can you bake in the oven?

Cindy on

How does to glaze taste using the balsamic vinegar?

Argo Naut Jason on

Can you recommend an air fryer?

Pamela on

Thank you for making this air fryer friendly!

MaryEllen Suvie Morris on

Thanks for this air fryer recipe!
I can easily veganize these and make them with my granddaughter ✌🏼💚🌱

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