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11 Spooktacular Healthy Halloween Recipes

We have put together 11 Halloween themed recipes that will treat not trick! Halloween is spooky special time of year, and Halloween 2020 will hopefully be too. Trick or treating may not happen the way we are used to but we hope these fun festive recipes add to your celebration and bonus they aren't filled with candy! These recipes are all either vegan, gluten-free or whole-wheat. 

halloween treats recipes vegan gluten free whole wheat


1. Halloween Pizzas - Whole Wheat 

halloween gluten free pizza


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2. Falafel Fingers - Vegan

falafel fingers garbanzo beans chickpeas


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3. Pumpkin Hummus - Vegan 

pumpkin hummus


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4. Lentil Stuffed Peppers - Vegan 

lentil peppers stuffed halloween


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5. Peanut Butter Apples - Vegan 

apples camarel vegan


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6. Pumpkin Curry - Vegan

curry pumpkin garbanzo beans chickpeas


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7. Halloween Nachos - Whole Wheat

whole wheat nachoes


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8. Green Split Pea - Gluten-Free

green split peas


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9. Falafel Spiders

falafel spiders chickpeas garbanzo beans


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10. Whole Wheat Herb Artisan Bread - Vegan

whole wheat hard red winter


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11. Sugar Cookies - Whole Wheat

whole wheat halloween cookies


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We hope you enjoy these delicious Halloween Treats! Leave a comment below letting us know what onw is your favorite. 

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