Palouse Brand is a family-owned and vertically-integrated farm, spanning 5 generations and over 125 years that grows, processes, packages, and ships legumes and grains directly to customers. Our products offer a built in consumer experience through our transparency program.  We grow our own products and provide customers with field location, photos, and harvest dates on their foods.

More About Us

How the Journey Began

The Mader family began farming on the Palouse in the late 1800s on a piece of property that has come to be known as the Clear Creek field; this was later the inspiration for our Clear Creek brand product line which carries products grown by our neighbors across the Pacific Northwest. During these early years, the crop of choice for the area was mainly wheat, with legumes like small brown Pardina Lentils and Green Peas being introduced in the 1930s and 1940s in order to diversify the types of crops coming out of the Palouse.The Mader's began growing our beautiful chickpeas in 2004 and they continue to be a staple in our crop rotations.

The Vision for Palouse Brand

When Palouse Brand was started in 2009, it was Sara’s goal to not only provide an authentic farm to table experience for consumers but also provide a flexible work environment for working women in our rural community. Our quality products are triple cleaned and packaged within our vertically integrated company so that we can ensure we are supplying the highest quality products. Palouse Brand also prides ourselves on our transparency and open communication with our customers. We provide our customers with the field location, seeding and harvest dates, as well as the total rainfall of the year in relation to each Palouse Brand product. 

The Palouse Brand Mission

As the Palouse Brand consumer base widened, it was our mission to look for ways to provide products that are not only great for healthy eating but are also integral in preserving the soil through crop rotations and regenerative agriculture. Palouse Brand also worked hard to find packaging and shipping methods that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Palouse Brand products are certified Non-GMO Project Verified, Sustainable by the Food Alliance, Kosher Parve, and Desiccant Free while also being family farmed.

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Where We are Today

Today, Palouse Brand continues to grow as we venture into new marketplaces and spread the word further about our family farmed products. We’ve also launched our Clear Creek line, which includes products from farms across the Pacific Northwest. At Palouse Brand the open communication we have with our customers is incredibly important and helps us to continue to provide our high quality products.

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