vegan chickpea taco salad

Chickpea Taco Salad

We are bragging about our vegan taco salad recipe! Our taco salad recipe is a meatless taco salad loaded with fresh ingredients giving it an outstanding burst of flavor – and we mean to say, healthy flavor with a crunch!

We completely support using fresh ingredients that shout natural healthy flavors in our recipes.   Our meatless taco salad is beautiful with color from the fresh ingredients and sports outstanding flavors!  Just a side note – you may feel like you have consumed super delicious food that actually makes you feel clean inside!

Looking at our vegan taco salad recipe may make you think, it’s too much work, but we encourage you to take another look.  Prepare your chickpeas and tortilla chips the evening before while you are already in the kitchen making dinner.  That’s a great way to shorten the time.  Time's a wasting, so get those beans on the stove and get ready to serve up your next one dish crowd pleasing meal!

vegan taco salad


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    Jerry Jorgenson on

    There are no beans in the ingredients list. Step #2 says rinse beans and add chickpeas.

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