artichoke hummus recipe

Delicious Artichoke Hummus

You just have to have this artichoke dip!  This is the kind of hummus we are talking about and, it goes with just about any venue.  So, if you are looking for a different kind of unique flavor, this is it.  The texture is fun because the food processor will leave small marinated chunks of Artichoke in the dip if you don’t over process it.  Our delicious artichoke hummus sent our guests from dipping to scooping in a hurry.  

Our artichoke hummus is smooth, but slightly chunky, a little tangy, and a whole lot of fresh. This delicious artichoke dip has a strength and richness to it as well, and you will think so too once you have made this tasty artichoke hummus dip.

how to cook garbanzo beans hummus recipe  

Hummus is not only the “buzz” right now, it is becoming a “trend” for very good reasons.  So many ask, “is hummus good for you” and we can positively answer that question with a yes!  More than anything, we hope you make hummus a staple in your daily diet because of all the health benefits associated with garbanzo beans. What would you think if we told you articles have been written about the potential of improving certain areas of our health?   Some articles have listed; reduce blood glucose levels, help regulate your appetite, reduce belly fat, increase calories and fat burning, increase your energy, lower diabetes, protect your heart health and cancer risks.  Well, if half of that is true, then none of us want to miss out, right?  That’s a lot for such a little bean!  Here is a great article that answers the question is hummus is good for you?

Not only is hummus good for you, but it’s also about the taste, the texture, the versatility, the budget, and much more. Our artichoke hummus is just one terrific way to “cash in” and get a healthy dose of some protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  Don’t be a stranger to our other flavored hummus recipes. You can enjoy them too. This hummus tastes great with pita chips or your favorite cracker.

artichoke dip recipe



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i never rated this as I have never made it. Clarification please: when adding the 3 cups of water into the blender, is it fresh water or the aquafaba…liquid residue of the boiling the garbanzo beans? thank you

David Scott on

Need more recipes for the Garbanzo beans I bought.

Ted Shatz on

Hello, I’m quite interested in All Recipe Ideas including all those involving Hummus and Garbanzo Flour to be used in baking.

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