These home made dinner rolls are made with fresh milled flour from our farm to your table.  They are easy to make dinner rolls and require ingredients you will likely find in your cupboard.

Perfect Whole Wheat Honey Dinner Rolls

We are super excited to unleash our perfect whole wheat honey dinner rolls right before the holidays this year.  In keeping with our tradition of milling our own grains, here you go; YUM is an understatement. 

whole wheat flour recipes

Our hard white wheat berry is perfect for these homemade yeast rolls. The honey gives these yeast rolls a little extra sweetness and makes it very difficult to eat just one.

Our homemade yeast rolls are very light and airy, just like they should be.  Couple that with the extraordinary flavor our freshly milled hard white wheat berry flour brings and you have a sure guarantee for success every time.

whole wheat yeast rolls

These extra delicious homemade dinner rolls are a dead giveaway because they make your entire home smell like an old fashioned small town bakery.  Letting them slightly cool enough to take them out of the pan seems like an eternity.  WARNING - you need to stand back because there is always a stampede to the kitchen.  Whoever thought baking dinner rolls would be so fun and gratifying!  It’s a “kiss the cook” kind of thing!

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    Victoria on

    Does this dough freeze well? We are traveling for the holidays so I won’t be able to cook at my house and I am looking for ways to minimize using other people’s kitchens. Can I make this and freeze it a couple of days ahead then bake the day of? What would you recommend? I don’t think my in laws have a mixer and they definitely don’t mill their flour.

    Vera on

    Thank you for sharing the recipe. I am trying different recipes and I’m a beginner bread maker. I thought you had to knead the dough until it passes the window test. On this recipe, you only knew for 2-3 minutes? Can you help me understand the difference in kneading times? Thanks

    De on

    Did you use fresh ground flour for these rolls? If not do I need to add more liquid per cup of flour?

    Melissa on

    Is the butter in this recipe salted or unsalted ?

    Palouse Brand on

    @Denise Yes, your bread machine will knead the dough as well as a stand mixer.

    Palouse Brand on

    @Denise Yes, your bread machine will knead the dough as well as a stand mixer.

    Denise on

    Just recently bought a Nutrimill to grind my own flour and such. And just purchased some wheat berries. And so new to grinding my own flours etc. I would love to try this recipe but I do not have a stand mixer but I do have a bread maker. Would this recipe work on the dough setting of my bread maker. Thinking I may eventually need to invest in a stand mixer but until the
    just wondering if it would work in my bread maker. Thanks

    Kristin Choate on

    These rolls are absolutely delicious. I’ve made them several times exactly as the recipe is written. My family loves them more than any rolls I’ve ever made with store bought flour. They’re equally delicious with butter or jam. I can’t recommend the Palouse wheat berries or recipes strongly enough.

    Maureen on

    I have been a dedicated bread maker for years. This is a superb recipe! I have been making it every week since I found this website. The amounts for ingredients is well done. You will not be disappointed when you take it out of the oven!

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