Sustainable Grown Grains and Legumes from the Pacific Northwest.

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Celebrate Dad with Our Father&
Celebrate Dad with Our Father&
Celebrate Dad with Our Father&
Celebrate Dad with Our Father&
Celebrate Dad with Our Father&
Celebrate Dad with Our Father's Day Bundle
Celebrate Dad with Our Father's Day Bundle
Celebrate Dad with Our Father's Day Bundle
Celebrate Dad with Our Father's Day Bundle
Celebrate Dad with Our Father's Day Bundle

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Father’s Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate Dad than with an amazing farm-fresh meal! Shop this limited Father's Day Bundle at 20% off and surprise Dad with a delicious healthy plant-based meal!

Father's Day Recipes

Whole Wheat Slider Buns

Summer is burger season! This whole wheat recipe produces a tender and delicious slider bun. We used a whole egg wash to get the golden color on our buns, but you could also use a milk wash or milk and egg w...

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Mexican Street "Corn" Salad

We love Mexican corn salad, but removing corn from the cob can be a hassle, so we reinvented this salad using yellow split peas! The yellow split peas cook in 15-20 minutes with no shucking required to make ...

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Grilled Flat Bread with a Delicious Artichoke Hummus

This Grilled Flatbread with Artichoke Hummus is made with our Whole Wheat Flour and topped with a lemony delicious artichoke hummus, perfect for a healthy lunch or afternoon snack!   Grilled Flatbread  As ...

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Chickpea Pasta Salad

We love Olive Garden Salad dressing and we were so excited to use it with our chickpeas! This is a delicious salad, that comes together quickly. We added the noodles to make this recipe more group friendly, ...

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Green Split Ranch Dip

Move over hummus, we love this green split pea dip. This delicious dip comes together in thirty minutes! No need to remember to soak beans. It's wonderful to find a quick and easy recipe, that uses pantry st...

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Air Fried Apple Fritters

These easy air fryer apple fritters are a delicious and tasty breakfast treat. Our family loves a fritter from our local donut shop. Its a family favorite! Looking for a more cost effective and healthier opt...

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Proudly Grown on our Farm

Palouse Brand is a family-owned and vertically-integrated 125+ year old farm that grows, processes, packages, and ships legumes and grains directly to customers. 

Straight from our Fields

We provide customers with field location, photos, and harvest dates on their foods. Our foods are Certified Non-GMO, Desiccant-Free and Certified Sustainable Grown.

The Highest Standards

We are certified food safe. Our foods rise above our competitors by ensuring our products are triple cleaned in an FDA approved, food safe environment. 

Farming for the Future

We believe in preserving our natural resources and treating them with care - growing crops that naturally add nitrogen naturally back into the soils. We look at every input from our farming to our packaging with the climate in mind.

How Our Journey Began

The Mader family began farming on the Palouse in the late 1800s on a piece of property that has come to be known as the Clear Creek field. Palouse Brand’s family farm now spans 5 generations of the Mader family and over 125 years farming on the Palouse.

Where We Are Today

Palouse Brand continues to grow as we venture into new marketplaces and spread the word further about our family farmed product, while continuing to remain true to our roots in providing the highest quality legumes and grains.

Clear Creek by Palouse Brand

In 2020 we brought you Clear Creek by Palouse Brand to further expand our product line. We partnered with our neigboring farmers to bring you the same high quality foods grown in the Pacific Northwest.  We will continue to expand our locally sourced farm foods.

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Red Lentil Marinara

Veganinchief Instagram

veganinchief Marinara Thursday here!.I usually make this big batch of red lentil marinara for freezing. Each container is about 2 servings, so I have enough for at least 10, for pasta. It’s super cheap and it practically cooks itself.

I love the fact that I can order these lentils online, they are grown here in the US, in Idaho! Check: @clearcreekfoods


Veganinchief Instagram

veganinchief 🇵🇷Pastelillos (mini-empanadas)Filling: Beluga Lentil/Raisin Picadillo with queen olives and potatoes. (🇵🇷🇨🇺)

(THE BEST Beluga Lentils Grown in Montana, 🇺🇸 by @clearcreekfoods)

Broccoli Chickpea Salad

Vito and Vera Instagram

vitoandvera In the dynamic world of plant-based foods, we're always keeping up with both our farmers and emerging brands to bring you ingredients with the highest nutrition per bite.

We're so excited to partner with @palouse_brand, a family farm with the highest integrity, to be our staple chickpea provider. 👏