Easy Black Bean Soup

Winter has officially flown here, with the high of the day at 28 degrees. We are loving all of these easy soups. This Black Bean Soup is thick, aromatic and easy to make ahead of time. Black Beans have a dense meaty texture, that hold their shape when cooked. To get a nice puree you will need to over cook the beans. We tried this soup both pureeing the whole soup and part of the soup and our family prefers it partially pureed. We use a blender to puree our soups but this soup season has an immersion blender on our Christmas list. 

black beans

This is a super easy soup to make and uses just a few ingredients to make a well balanced and delicious meal. We enjoy serving it with cornbread.  If you soak the black beans, the cooking time is quick enough that you can make this recipe any day of the week. 

black bean soup recipes


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