healthy chickpea salad

Chickpea Pasta Salad

We love Olive Garden Salad dressing and we were so excited to use it with our chickpeas! This is a delicious salad, that comes together quickly. We added the noodles to make this recipe more group friendly, but you could definitely leave them out if you wanted this salad to be more protein heavy.  

chickpea salad recipe

In the spirit of being group friendly we also left the olives and tomatoes whole, so they were easy to eat around. (You have to love preparing food for kids.) This salad is also great leftover, we made it for Mother's Day and then packed it for lunch the rest of the week. 

We do recommend grating your Parmesan fresh, it just tastes better. 


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Karen Hermann on

This was SO GOOD!! I altered it a bit, by adding some chopped red onions and some sprinkling of dill weed. It was awesome! Not terribly time consuming to prepare, and healthy too! This is definitely a “keeper” recipe.

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