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Mexican Street "Corn" Salad

We love Mexican corn salad, but removing corn from the cob can be a hassle, so we reinvented this salad using yellow split peas! The yellow split peas cook in 15-20 minutes with no shucking required to make this delicious recipe dupe. Another perk to using yellow split peas over corn is that with yellow split peas this salad becomes protein packed. It's great for lunch all its own!

 This recipe is great for Summer, it only uses a few ingredients and they are pantry/fridge staples. So in a quick twenty minutes you can have a quick, easy and delicious salad. 

mexican street "corn" salad

The yellow peas have an earthy, nutty, and buttery flavor. They are milder and more subtle than green split peas. Yellow split peas are the best variety to use when you don't want an intense pea flavor in whatever you are cooking.

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Split peas and no corn in your recipe for Mexican Street Corn Salad?

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