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Chickpea & Cucumber Appetizer

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on June 06, 2017

Let’s cut the fat and make a colorful, exciting and healthy appetizer that is certain to please!  We have taken our Bare Hummus right down the road to refreshing with our cucumber appetizer recipe and you are going to love it! Our bare hummus is so adaptable and super easy. Once you infuse it with flavor its like – watch out taste buds!  So here is our new twist on a cucumber appetizer recipe.  You will find the texture smooth and creamy, and the flavor a little bit ranchy and...

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Horseradish Deviled Eggs

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on November 08, 2016

Seriously, we are not horsing around with this recipe!  In this recipe, we use Bare Hummus to make deviled eggs and double up on the protein. Ok, that may sound slightly crazy but, shoot, why not be creative!  This hummus recipe steps things up from the traditional deviled eggs we are used to, and that is why we went for the horseradish on this one. So many folks stress over getting the flavoring of deviled eggs just right, and to be honest, most of us have spent years just adding...

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How to Make Falafel

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on October 24, 2016

Falafels have been popularized in the last few years as we fell in love with these little mini size protein busters that have been popping up on menus everywhere. Today it is all about our garbanzo bean recipe and how to make healthy, hearty falafels made of garbanzo beans, garlic, spices, herbs and/or greens.  In fact, coming up with different Falafel recipes is really a lot of fun. Here is one of our very deliciously created Falafel recipes we know you will also love. This Falafel recipe can be vegan...

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Homemade Pumpkin Hummus

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on October 07, 2016

 Pumpkin spice makes everything nice, especially when we feel the weather turning towards fall and begin to start thinking about the coming holidays.  We believe we have a trophy worthy pumpkin hummus recipe that brings sheer delight in every way.  This homemade hummus recipe has excellent flavor, and has a light chunky and crunchy texture due to the addition of lightly roasted pumpkin seeds. Garbanzo beans are a type of legume that offer a range of health benefits- helping to increase satiety, boosting digestion, help to keep blood sugar levels...

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Mediterranean Lemon Hummus Wrap

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on September 02, 2016

 Lately we have been the loving making lots of flavored hummus recipes using dried garbanzo beans. This time we wanted to create a recipe that used hummus in a way other than as a dip. So we are sharing our Mediterranean lemon hummus wrap recipe. That can be served for any kind of occasion because it is tremendously refreshing.  The light and flavor packed wrap is great for lunch of a light dinner. It could also make a great appetizer at your next get together. Football season is upon us.  The...

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Lemon & Garlic Hummus Recipe

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on September 02, 2016

 This creamy hummus is the bomb for flavor and festive in its own way!  We dare you to not turn away from this recipe simply because of the name. We guarantee this will become one of your favorite hummus recipes. This delicious hummus is sure to grab your taste buds in a very refreshing way. Its flavors meld together the two distinctive flavors of lemon and garlic and wow do they complement each other.  There seems to be an element of surprise with this tasty hummus that we had not...

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Garlic Hummus Pasta

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on July 01, 2016

Some like it “hot” Some like it “cold” We all just like to Serve it up bold! Although the rhyme might suffer because we do not make a habit of poetry, this hummus pasta salad will knock your socks off because it is so easy to make.  We don’t use a pasta salad dressing for this hummus recipe.  We use a garlic and herb hummus for the dressing. Oops, I think we just caught your eye and your taste buds, so let’s keep moving! As you read our pasta salad...

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Savory Hummus Waffle

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on June 11, 2016

Hummus is extremely versatile. Besides being a classic vegetable and bread dip, hummus can be spread on your favorite burger or sandwich, served up as an appetizer on flat bread, used to replace mayonnaise in salads, and now can be used to make savory hummus waffles. The savory waffle recipe below can be griddled as is, or adapted in a number of ways. In our savory waffles, we use sage and Italian sausage. Adding hummus to your waffle is not just a modern twist to a classic staple, but has...

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Almond Butter Hummus

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on June 08, 2016

This yummy almond butter recipe just might be the gateway to introducing your favorite, daily, healthy snack!  You can spread it on toast, pair it with fruits, vegetables and more.  The possibilities are unlimited and the kids will love it too!  We wanted to make a hummus recipe using almond butter and are so glad we did. You really can’t miss with our smooth almond hummus!  Our Almond Butter recipe for Hummus is just the right blend of texture and taste that will keep you making more.  This is definitely...

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Delicious Artichoke Hummus

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on June 01, 2016

You just have to have this artichoke dip!  This is the kind of hummus we are talking about and, it goes with just about any venue.  So, if you are looking for a different kind of unique flavor, this is it.  The texture is fun because the food processor will leave small marinated chunks of Artichoke in the dip if you don’t over process it.  Our delicious artichoke hummus sent our guests from dipping to scooping in a hurry.   Our artichoke hummus is smooth, but slightly chunky, a little...

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