How to Cook or Grind Wheat Berries

Varieties of Wheat Berries

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Hard White Wheat

Palouse Brand Hard White Wheat Berries are great for grinding into a white bread flour, which is best leavened with yeast. These wheat berries have a high protein content of 12% the daily value. With their mild and sweet taste they are perfect for a variety of recipes like cream of wheat to brownies.

Soft White Wheat

Our Soft White Wheat also has a mild, sweet taste, though it is better suited to creating an All-Purpose Flour for baking into sweeter pastries and treats. It is best leavened with a baking powder or soda. Soft white wheat does a more moderate protein content at 9-10% the daily value. 

Hard Red Winter Wheat

Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries are the best of our wheats for sprouting into wheatgrass although all our wheats will still sprout. The hard red winter has a similar protein content to the soft white wheat at 9-11% the daily value, however, hard red winter has a much bolder and nutty taste. Flour ground from these wheat berries can be leavened with either yeast or a baking soda or powder. 

Hard Red Spring Wheat

Palouse Brand Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries are the absolute best for grinding into a whole wheat bread flour and they can make a delicious sourdough loaf. These berries also have a bold robust taste and have the highest protein content at 13% the daily value. Because of its bold, nutty taste and high protein content, these wheat berries are also great in salads. 

Wheat Berry Storage

Storing fresh wheat berries is an easy feat. Palouse Brand Wheat Berries are best when stored in an air-tight container in a cool, dry location like a pantry. As long as wheat berries are stored correctly, you can continue to enjoy them for at least three years. 

Cooking Instructions

Cooking with wheat berries could not be any easier and we highly recommend it as they add a wonderful taste and texture to many recipes. 

What you'll need

  • Fresh Wheat Berries
  • Water*

How to Cook Wheat Berries

  1. In a medium saucepan, bring water to a boil.
  2. Add wheat berries, reduce heat to a simmer, cover and cook until the wheat berries have reached the desired tenderness - usually about 30-40 minutes. 

*Water can be replaced with different types of broth depending on the recipe

Fresh Flour Know-How

Palouse Brand wheat berries will grind into 100% whole wheat flour as all three layers - the bran, germ, and endosperm - are ground. This results in a delicious, rich flour that has a bold nutty flavor. Most flours bought in the store have had at least one if not all of these layers removed as well as have additives. 

Fresh ground flour does tend to produce a denser loaf because nothing is removed or added. In order to work easily with fresh flour, there are a couple things you can do to make your favorite recipes. Adding more liquid or more leavening power are a couple ways that will keep all the nutritious benefits of the flour. Sifting is another option, however this will cause you to lose those nutritional benefits of the bran. When using fresh flour it's also important to weigh your flour instead of using cup measurements as it is so much more accurate. 

To store your fresh ground flour, we recommend using an airtight container and storing in a cool dry place just like your raw wheat berries. Because the flour will be whole grain and contains all the components of the wheat berry, it is high in nutrients and oils which can cause a shorter shelf life than traditional store bought flour. Since fresh flour does not contain any preservatives, we recommend using fresh ground flour within six months.  

Grinding Instructions

Wheat berries are easily ground into fresh flour. There are a couple types of mills in the market that are easy to use and at a good price point. 

Here at Palouse Brand we love WonderMill which offers both electric and manual options. It can easily grind 4 cups of wheat berries in just a couple of minutes. 


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