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Crispy Oven Roasted Honey Garbanzo Beans

Roasted garbanzo beans or roasted chickpeas recipes are continually gaining popularity and so is our recipe for roasted garbanzo beans.  Roasted garbanzo beans from scratch can make terrific snacks for all ages and they are tasty, healthy and purely satisfying.

This roasted garbanzo bean recipe made from dry beans has just the right amount of flavor with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and sea salt to get you through a couple of hours when you are stretched between meals.  Anytime is the perfect time for garbanzo’s, especially with tasty flavoring like we have in this recipe. Garbanzos = greatness, and there is so much more to them than just making hummus.  Wouldn’t you agree it is time for garbanzos to take center stage instead of being that appetizer or side dish? Garbanzo beans gluten-free little gems! 

Garbanzos are so extremely versatile. You can eat them hot or cold, and they can act as the superstar of the meal. They can be whatever you want them to be. You can use these, oven roasted garbanzo beans as croutons in a salad or soup or just eat them like trail mix. We love substituting these for potato chips!

One of the most important things to note about this garbanzo bean recipe is that you do not want to soak the garbanzo beans before cooking them. Soaking them before making roasted garbanzo beans will just leave you with soggy garbanzo beans instead of nice crunchy ones. We know it's unorthodox but trust us these will be the crunchiest roasted garbanzo recipe you can find! Not soaking the garbanzo beans will save you time and give you the best end result.

Roasted garbanzo beans snack are a snack that is crunchy, deliciousness that you will want to make time after time. Pack up these healthy roasted garbanzo beans and take them with for your everyday snack. The kids will love them. We love to mix our roasted garbanzo beans with raisins as pictured below we like the little bit of sweet mixed in. These roasted garbanzo beans are also delicious in our trail mix recipe

Roasted Garbanzo Bean Nutrition:

We inputted our garbanzo bean recipe into Spark Recipes Recipe Calculator so that you could have the oven roasted garbanzo beans nutrition information. Roasted garbanzo beans calorie count can vary on how big of serving you have, we say it serves 4 but that is a large snack at almost 12 ounces of roasted garbanzo beans but they pack in 11 grams of protein. If you are having a roasted garbanzo beans salad, adding two ounces on to a roasted garbanzo beans salad only adds a few calories while adding a delightful crunch.

roasted garbanzo bean nutritional facts

    roasted garbanzo beans recipe


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    Jeff on

    I see golden raisins in the photo, yet they’re not included in the ingredients list. How would I include the raisins? Quantity? Would they be used straight out of the box or would they be soaked first?

    Palouse Brand on

    Will see if we can create a printer-friendly version, thanks for the suggestion!

    Sandra on

    Love your products. Love your receipt ideas!! Can you please start making your receipts with a Print Friendly version/choice. :-)

    Palouse Brand on

    Thanks Leslie for the comment, we have added the NOT. It is really important not to soak the beans, they turn out so crunchy and delicious!

    Leslie Newcomer on

    in your recipe you say “you do want to soak the garbanzo beans before cooking them. Soaking them before making roasted garbanzo beans will just leave you with soggy garbanzo beans instead of nice crunchy ones” clearly you mean do NOT, maybe add the not?

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