hummus recipe using garbanzo beans

Almond Butter Hummus

This yummy almond butter recipe just might be the gateway to introducing your favorite, daily, healthy snack!  You can spread it on toast, pair it with fruits, vegetables and more.  The possibilities are unlimited and the kids will love it too!  We wanted to make a hummus recipe using almond butter and are so glad we did.

You really can’t miss with our smooth almond hummus!  Our Almond Butter recipe for Hummus is just the right blend of texture and taste that will keep you making more.  This is definitely a “supply and demand” type of hummus recipe, because anyone who likes a nutty buttery flavor, will certainly find ways to enjoy this healthy hummus recipe. Careful now, we just have one warning for making our almond hummus... .start by making a double batch!  This particular recipe using almond butter has never been so rich, tasty, and pleasing.  We guarantee you will run out fast!

This almond hummus tastes great on toast for breakfast and will “outshine” store purchased spreads.  Or, what a great snack for the kids when they come home after school.  Kids love to dip and scoop, so try setting it on the counter with apple slices or celery and, see what happens!  This is also a great dessert hummus that is peanut-free. Making it even easier to share with kids and their friends. No worries about using peanuts? Check out our other dessert hummus recipe Chocolate Peanut Butter Hummus.

For garnishing this almond hummus we sprinkle a little ground clove or add a little more nutty flavor by adding a sprinkling of nutmeg on top before serving. Looking for another way to cook garbanzo beans other than soak and boil? Check out our how to cook garbanzo beans section!

 almond butter hummus


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    Mirek on

    The recipe reads 3/8 cup almond butter.
    That’s a very weird unit of measure. I’m assuming it’s a typo. What’s is it suppose to be?

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