hummus wrap recipe

Mediterranean Lemon Hummus Wrap

 Lately we have been the loving making lots of flavored hummus recipes using dried garbanzo beans. This time we wanted to create a recipe that used hummus in a way other than as a dip. So we are sharing our Mediterranean lemon hummus wrap recipe. That can be served for any kind of occasion because it is tremendously refreshing.  The light and flavor packed wrap is great for lunch of a light dinner. It could also make a great appetizer at your next get together. Football season is upon us. 

hummus recipes

The hummus in this wrap offers outstanding taste and great texture and is sure to grab your taste buds in a very refreshing way.  This wrap is definitely channeling Mediterranean flavors from the hummus to the red onion all the way to the artichoke hearts and we wouldn't change a thing about it. We do like to add a splash of feta but if you're needing a vegan recipe simply leave out the cheese. The balsamic vinaigrette also adds a nice flare to the recipe.   

 hummus wrap recipes


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