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10 Hummus Recipes (You Won't Want to Live Without)

10 Easy Hummus Recipes 

We can all agree that hummus is just better when it is homemade, especially if you use the best garbanzo beans! Hummus all comes down to creaminess and if you make it yourself you can have hummus so creamy it is like a dream. One way to make your hummus extra creamy is to remove all the skins after cooking. Another to make your homemade hummus experience even better is to use a hummus kit. It has everything you need to make hummus, garbanzo beans, sesame seeds and spices. 

No more buying big, expensive jars of tahini, when you only need a tablespoon or two to make your hummus recipe. The perfect amount of sesame seeds is included in the kit to make your own tahini fresh for your batch of hummus. All you need to make these amazing hummus recipes is the kit and the ingredients that pack the flavor punch we have to come to love these recipes for.  

We hope you love this ten hummus recipes as much as we do. Some of them have revolutionized the way we eat and think about hummus. Get your food processor ready it is about to love hummus as much as we do! 

hummus recipes

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Hummus recipe with dried garbanzo beans. Since our Roasted Red Pepper Hummus recipe is requested quite often, we will be sharing it with you today.

roasted red pepper hummus

Chipotle Lime Hummus

Refreshing hummus recipe for chipotle hummus with a twist of lime. Great flavored hummus using the best garbanzo beans. Make now and freeze some for later.hummus made from garbanzo beans 

Hummus has never been better! This sweet potato hummus recipe is so rich in flavor its sinful and it is a gluten free hummus recipe.
sweet potato hummus
Delicious recipe for Spinach and Artichoke Hummus! Love spinach artichoke dip? This recipe for hummus from dried garbanzo beans is better and healthier to!
spinach artichoke dip
Our Cilantro Lime Hummus is so refreshing! You will find our Cilantro Hummus is a recipe for hummus with tahini. We think you will love this hummus recipe.
cilantro lime hummus
Sun dried hummus recipe is heavenly! Italian appetizer recipes with link on how to make sun dried tomatoes. Divine hummus recipe, you won't be disappointed.
sun dried hummus
This recipe is better than peanut butter hummus or chocolate hummus because its both in one! Can you say dessert hummus? This is a rich and creamy treat!
chocolate peanut butter hummus
Artichoke dip recipe like you have never seen before! Artichoke hummus is rich with flavor and creamy in texture. Hummus recipe from dried garbanzo beans.
artichoke hummus
Amazing hummus dip! This easy recipe is unique and sure to delight. What is Za'atar don't worry we tell you! We promise the hummus dip recipe won't disappoint!
hummus dip
Dessert hummus at its finest, almond butter hummus is great morning, noon and night. Great almond butter recipes, this is an amazing hummus variation.
almond butter hummus
We hope you enjoy these hummus recipes! 
hummus reccipes

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