homemade hummus recipe

Perfect Basil Hummus

Our Perfect Basil Hummus recipe begins with the best chickpeas you have ever used in your kitchen – we promise – just try one of Bare Hummus Kits.  It is so fun to watch them double in size from start to finish of the preparation process and there is so much value to your dollar here!  We don’t just talk about adding “fresh” to our hummus, our hummus ingredients “are fresh”!

One of our customers wrote:  “The cleanest, creamiest, most flavorful garbanzo beans I've ever eaten. These beans take homemade hummus to the next level and are set to impress even the toughest critics.”

Fresh hummus ingredients add to our desire of presenting healthy foods to serve to our families and friends from our kitchens.  We love standing around the kitchen island and dipping our favorite vegetables in this delicious hummus dip.  It is just terrifically yummy and has been a long time favorite for health enthusiasts!

Our pesto dip recipe is really not your typical hummus dip because of the herbal flavor and the fact that we have not directly added any pesto to our fresh ingredients in this recipe.  This Basil Pesto Hummus is not only a perfect vegetable dip, it is very tasty for spreading on sandwiches or tortillas instead of using the typical mayo, mustard scheme.  In fact, we think you will be pleasantly surprised with our “little something special” dip/spread.

Not only is hummus good for you, it’s also about the taste, the texture, the versatility, the budget and much more.  This delicious hummus at least gets an “honorable mention” and is bursting with basil flavor!

The ingredients in our hummus dip literally pack a wallop of healthiness.  The chickpeas are high in fiber, contain iron and manganese helping to keep our energy levels up, they are a wonderful source of protein, a healthy source of carbohydrates and help with the regulation of blood sugar. But that’s not all, how about the benefits of healthy fats in the olive oil and the fresh garlic that helps ward off colds, cancer prevention, and fighting infection.  Oh, the list goes on!

Anytime is a great time to get on the hummus train!


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