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How to Cook Chickpea Beans

Chickpeas are easy to cook, with two cooking methods, they're great even for a novice bean chef. We have put together a guide on how to cook beans in a couple of ways, and in addition you will find commonly asked questions and advice. 

Do you have to soak dried chickpeas before cooking?

Yes, chick peas must be hydrated before you can make anything with them.  Dried garbanzo beans can be cooked using a no soak method in your Instant Pot or by pre-soaking them overnight and boiling them in a pot.

do you have to soak dried chickpeas

Are dried chickpeas hard to digest?

Yes, chickpeas require cooking prior to consumption. You will need to hydrate them using a no soak or soak cooking method even before your roast chickpeas. If using Gram Flour - the flour must be brought to 165 degrees before consuming to kill any food borne illnesses.

What to do if you forgot to soak chickpeas?

Grab your Instant Pot and get to work. Chickpeas can be cooked very quickly in an instant pot. Depending on whether you need them super soft to puree into a hummus or a little more firm for soups and salads the amount of time will vary.  Dried Chickpeas or Gram Flour (milled chickpeas) must be brought to 165 degrees prior to consumption. See the cooking options below.

How to Cook Chickpeas in an Instant Pot (no soaking necessary)

Instant pots are a game-changer in our world of chickpeas. Not only do they speed up cooking time because there is no need to soak the chickpeas, but because they are cooked in steam more nutrients stay with the bean rather than release into the water and run down the drain. 

Using an Instant Pot the total cook time for garbanzo beans is down to just 50 minutes. 50 minutes makes a great hummus bean - it's nice, soft and easy to puree. However, if you are looking for a more firm bean for salads or soups you will want to shorten the cook time to around 44 minutes and make adjustments from there to cook to your preference.

The beans will double in size when steamed so be cautious how many you put in the pot - they can grow out of control quickly. A great way to save too many chickpeas is to put them into bags in your freezer. That way you can make a large batch of chickpeas for hummus recipes, chickpea salads, or even your favorite chickpea curries. 

How many uncooked chickpeas equal one can of chickpeas (15 ounces)?

There are 8 ounces of cooked garbanzo beans in a 15 ounce can. So how do we take dry beans to hydrated beans? You start with 1/2 cup of dry beans, which will hydrate to one cup of chickpeas. One cup of chickpeas equals 4 ounces of hydrated beans. So if you are looking to equal a 15oz can of garbanzo beans you need to start with one cup of chickpeas.  


how to cook chickpeas in an instant pot

No Soak Instant Pot Instructions:

  • Measure one cup of dry garbanzo beans.
  • Cover the chickpeas with enough water by an inch in your pot.
  • Rinse the dried chickpeas, strain and add the desired amount to your Instant Pot - remember the beans will double in size so if you are looking for 2 cups, cook only one cup of dried beans. Add water to the Instant Pot, enough to cover the chickpeas by an inch of water. 
  • We used the wire basket that came with the instant pot just to make it easy for straining both during the rinse and at the end of the cook time. It is fine to cook them directly in the bottom of the pot under water you will just have the extra step of straining them once they are done cooking . 
  • Set the manual pressure cook button to 45 minutes then do a quick release on the steam. The quick release lasts about 8 minutes. When the float valve drops you can open the Instant Pot. 45 minutes will make soft hummus ready chickpeas. 
  • If you are looking for a more al dente or firm bean you will set the Instant Pot to 38 minutes. 

Chickpea Stovetop Cooking Instructions (pre-soak method)

The pre-soak method is much easier to control the tenderness of the Chickpea.  As they are cooking you are able to sample the beans so that desired tenderness is reached.  

  • Add desired amount of chick peas in a pot the night before you would like to cook them. Add enough water to cover chickpeas one inch over the beans. Leave them soaking until ready to cook.
  • Cook chick pea beans for up to one hour.  At the 45 minute mark test the beans to see if desired firmness or tenderness has been reached. You will want a soft chickpea for pureeing into hummus. Cook a more firm chickpea to add to salads and soups.

The most important rule in cooking chickpeas is to never add salt to your water.  This is a finishing step and is to be done only after the garbanzo beans have reached desired tenderness and at that it is not necessary.  Cooking beans in salt may result in a toughening of the outer shell and in some cases can impede the bean softening.

How many uncooked chickpeas equal one can of chickpeas (15 ounces)?



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Karen Hermann on

Can chickpeas be frozen after cooking for future use?

Roy Farkas on

I have had good results cooking garbanzo beans on the stove top in a dutch oven, pre-soaking or not, it just takes longer unsoaked. I add a couple of pieces of carrot, celery, 1/4 to 1/2 onion, (don’t chop the vegetables just put them in whole and remove at the end),some garlic cloves, a few sprigs of Thyme, and a bay leaf. The broth makes an excellent soup base. The real way to avoid gas with any bean is to eat them on a daily basis, your microbiome adapts.

janki on

I’ve cooked beans in water with baking soda several times~it does seem to soften the beans and also to decrease their gas forming properties in the digestive tract, both good things. Just. be sure to rinse the beans quite thoroughly after soaking to remove all the baking soda; it is certainly non~toxic, it’s actually healthful but it does not taste good in your beans

Mark on

what about using baking soda during the soaking time? it’s supposed to help soften the beans.

Maria Cski on

After I cook the chickpea, Do I can use the cooking juice for cooking?

Merril. on

Do you have to peel garbanzo beans after stove top soaking method?

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Laura Harrison on

I love the instant pot method for all beans. Set it and forget it. It makes me wonder what I did without one.

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