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Easy Homemade Falafel

Falafels have been popularized in the last few years as we fell in love with these little mini size protein busters that have been popping up on menus everywhere. Today it is all about our garbanzo bean recipe and how to make healthy, hearty falafels made of garbanzo beans, garlic, spices, herbs and/or greens. In fact, coming up with different Falafel recipes is really a lot of fun. Here is one of our very deliciously created Falafel recipes we know you will also love. This Falafel recipe can be vegan and gluten free (with a flour exchange).

Not so many years ago many of us were asking what is a falafel? Well a falafel is a deep fried patty made from garbanzo beans, fava beans or both. We like our falafel to be 100% garbanzo bean/chickpea. It is a traditional Middle Eastern dish and is often served in a pita. They are also traditionally served with tzatziki. They are becoming more and more popular to make at home, and it is so very easy to do. We substituted the traditional parsley and cilantro in a falafel recipe with swiss chard and we think it sets this recipe apart. Also we like starting with a hummus base, it gives more flavor to the falafel as opposed to just starting with garbanzo beans.

Falafel’s can be made in the shape of a ball or a disc just prior to frying them. Overstuff a sandwich or pita with falafel, tzatziki and fresh vegetables such as arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers and pickles.


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    Palouse Brand on

    We love to see recipes from our customers please tag us on whatever social you use! We have updated the recipe to include swiss chard, thank you guys for helping us make this post better!

    R D Smith on

    We (me and both my daughters) are gluten intolerant and wonder if the garbanzo flour is ground in the same mill as the wheat. We would love to be able to use the garbanzo bean flour but it matters very much for us if it is done on the same mill stone. We love your products and look forward to trying more of the various beans/lentils/peas. We want to try your pizza recipe. Do you accept recipe donations. We enjoy creating different dishes and might have some to share in time.

    michael on

    Agree with Rhonda….?? how much chard, with/without the rib?? and on parsley, flat leaf or curly… Thanks!!

    Franca on

    I have the same question as Rhonda. Would love to make it with Swiss chard as well as parsley and cilantro. Thank you.

    rhonda on

    ummmmm…there’s a problem with your recipe in that it calls for swiss chard (in lieu of parsley and cilantro), yet the recipe doesn’t include how much swiss chard to use in the recipe- can you please let me know how much as it’s not in your ingredient list. also, what if i don’t want to use swiss chard but have plenty of cilantro and parsley around- how much of each should i use in lieu of swiss chard???? thanks, rhonda

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