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19 Sides and Appetizers for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for great food and tradition but sometimes it's fun to be inspired and try something new. While Grandma's sweet potato casserole is something that we all look forward to - maybe you just want to add a little pizzazz to your table this year! We like to mix it up and we think we found the best recipes, to add to your Thanksgiving table. They are innovative and exciting but not to outside the "Thanksgiving-realm" that your friends and family will raise eyebrows at you. We hope you love this list as much as we do. Leave us a comment on which one is your favorite. 

1. Pumpkin Spice Hummus

Hummus is a classic appetizer but when you add a little pumpkin and some of your favorite spices, this hummus is on another level! Everyone will be asking you for your recipe.  

pumpkin hummus

Photo & Recipe Credit: Palouse Brand 

2. Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash

First off this dish is gorgeous and full of seasonal bounty! Fresh is always best. Secondly, this is the vegetable side dish to wow your guests. Plus it comes together in about 40 minutes. 

Thanksgiving sides

Photo & Recipe Credit: Julia's Album 

3. Antipasto Skewers

The great thing about these skewers is that they are classy, tasty and all of the ingredients can be purchased ready to skewer! With an extra set of hands, you can have 48 of these little guys ready to go in less than 10 minutes. Plus these light appetizers won't fill you up too much before the big feast. 

thanksgiving appetizers

Photo & Recipe Credit:: Dinner at the Zoo

4. Horseradish Deviled Eggs

These are the creamiest and tastiest deviled eggs we have ever had. The creamy hummus and the zing of horseradish make these irresistible. Plus this recipe has a great how to with fantastic tips for hard boiling and peeling eggs. 

deviled eggs

Photo & Recipe Credit: Palouse Brand  

5. Parmesan Tomato & Zucchini Bake 

We love scalloped potatoes as much as the next person but this tomato and zucchini bake would be a refreshing mix up at this years Holiday. It has beautiful color and is delicious without being as heavy as potato based dishes. 

Thanksgiving Ideas

Photo & Recipe Credit: Nutritionist Reviews 

6. Winter Wheat Berry Risotto 

While asparagus might not be in season this time of year - this risotto is the only one we would recommend for your table. The cheesy earthy flavor of this dish is mouth-watering to think about. Plus it would pair beautifully with light or dark meat. 

risotto recipe

Photo & Recipe Credit: Palouse Brand 

7. Deep Fried Olives

If we had to only pick one thing to come out of deep fat fryer this season it would be these. Move over deep fried pickles and mushrooms, the king of the appetizers has arrived. Why are more people not serving this?

deep fried olives

Photo & Recipe Credit: the wanderlust kitchen 

8. Smashed Sweet Potatoes

These garlic butter sweet potatoes are soft and sweet on the inside and butter and crispy on the outside - need we say more? Move over marshmallows these smashed potatoes are coming for your spot on Thanksgiving. 

sweet potato recipe

Photo & Recipe Credit:

9. Whipped Feta Dip

After pumpkin hummus, this is the dip that can't miss the appetizer lineup. Ricotta, feta, honey and green onion, this dip was meant for pita, flatbread or crackers.  Plus with under six ingredients, it is an easy make! 

whipped feta dip

Photo & Recipe Credit: Basil and Bubbly 

10. Lentil & Pea Salad

This salad is a cross between an Italian chopped salad and an Italian pasta salad. With the added perks of being gluten free and a vegan salad recipe. It never hurts to include an allergy friendly side! 

lentil salad recipe

Photo & Recipe Credit: Palouse Brand 

11. Bri and Blackberry Pinwheels

This five ingredient or less recipe is for those of us that love our sweet tooth and can't hold out until dessert. The sage and brie make these pinwheels heavenly and pleasing to even the most sophisticated pallets. 


Photo & Recipe Credit: Good in the Simple 

12. Parmesan-Butternut Squash Gratin

Betty Crocker for the win here! We love potatoes as much as anybody but we think this year maybe the squash should get more the spotlight at the Thanksgiving. After most fall decorations include various squash and not potatoes. 

thanksgiving side recipe

Photo & Recipe Credit: Betty Crocker

13. Jalapeno Popper Dip

This dip made our list for two reasons. One, every loves jalapeno poppers. Two, it is so much easier to prepare this amazing dip than to make individual poppers! Expect this dip to steal the show. 

jalapeno popper dip

Photo & Recipe Credit: Spending with Pennies 

14. Roasted Garbanzo Bean Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Ok, we aren't complete rebels we had to include one potato recipe on our list, but we promise you have never seen potatoes like this. Stuffed with creamy hummus and horseradish. 

garbanzo bean recipe

Photo & Recipe Credit: Palouse Brand

15. Baked Cranberry Meatballs

In the past couple of years, cranberry sauce may have lost its popularity but these cranberry meatballs are bringing the robust flavor of cranberry to your Thanksgiving in a whole new way. We might not serve cranberry sauce but these will be at our Holiday celebration! 

meatball recipe

Photo & Recipe Credit: Ashely Manila

16. Wheat Berry Tabbouleh Salad

This salad is not one you typically think of for Fall, but we love it. The mint, parsley, and lemon could be just the zing you need between bites of heavier dishes. Plus if you are looking to keep your holiday healthier this season, this is the salad for you. 


Photo & Recipe Credit: Palouse Brand

17. Salted Chocolate-Dipped Mandarin Slices

Have you ever seen anything so gorgeous! We have fallen madly in love with these as well. It is another quick and easy recipe with less than 5 ingredients and barely requires any prep time. 

chocolate oranges

Photo & Recipe Credit: Deliciously Yum

18. Cranberry & Wild Rice Pilaf

We love this resurgence of cranberry in new and exciting dishes. Imagine this mouth-watering pilaf next to the traditional stuffing this Holiday. We know who the winner would be. 

pilaf recipe

Photo & Recipe Credit: Carls Bad Cravings

19. Autumn Wheat Berry Salad

We think this thanksgiving we have fallen in love with squash and cranberries. This salad is tossed with an amazing orange vinaigrette. Not to mention it is stunning and no one else will be bringing this to the table. 

wheat berry recipes

Photo & Recipe Credit: Palouse Brand



Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

Get your wheat berries and legumes before the Holiday direct from our family farm. 


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