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Wheat Berry Brussel Sprout Salad

You won’t believe your taste buds, that’s right!  Our amazing wheat berry salad recipe is special beyond belief.  Well, naturally we have to say that the key to a healthy and extremely tasteful wheat berry recipe of any kind begins with the wheat berries themselves.  Wheat berries are so easy to work with.

When we talk about wheat berries we are referring to the kernels we harvest in our fields and take straight to the storehouse.  Wheat berries are the “real deal,” a complete flavor package, a bit nutty and earthy, so if you like whole grains that have not been altered, this wheat berry recipe is for you.

Some favorite things about wheat berries are the texture, the little pop when you bite into them and, you are going to love the fact that wheat berries are super economical too!  Our wheat berry recipe is high in fiber, protein, and iron, which makes wheat berries very vegetarian-friendly!

Let’s talk a little about Brussel sprouts.  Have you ever wondered why you like cabbage but just can’t stand the intense flavor of those little cabbage guys?  Problem solved!  It’s time to get the health benefits of Brussel sprouts and enjoy the flavor too!  We have added roasted Brussel sprouts to our wheat berry recipe and we guarantee you are going to love this Brussel sprout recipe!

wheat berry and brussel sprouts


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