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Our 5 Favorite Soups


 Italian Chickpea Soup {Gluten-Free - Vegan}

This tomato-based garbanzo bean soup is full of vegetables and a twist of fennel seed will keep your taste buds happy the whole bowl through. Dried garbanzo beans over double in size when prepared, so when you buy canned garbanzo beans you are really just paying for water weight. This soup is easy and delicious!

garbanzo bean soup

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Brown Lentil Chili 

This recipe is a great way to add legumes to your diet and is delicious better yet put it in the slow cooker and come home to dinner after a long day. 

brown lentil chili

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Slow Cooker Green Split Pea Soup with Ham

There seems to be something magical about slow cooking green split peas; as they break down through the slow cooking process, an extremely rich flavor emerges. We prefer to use vegetable stock when making our green split pea soup which lends to the darkened color of our soup, but chicken stock is just as good in the recipe

green split pea soup

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Vegan Chickpea & Tomato Soup

This recipe for homemade tomato soup is easy enough to get the kids and grandkids involved because it is a lot of measuring and dumping ingredients together, and it moves along quickly so their attention span doesn’t wane away.

tomato soup

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Brown Lentil and Tortilla Soup 

 It can be thinned a little by adding more broth or tomato sauce, or it can be thickened with a little extra cream, lentils or veggies.  If you like your lentil soup a little more spicy, go ahead and amp it up to your liking with maybe a little more jalapeno and cayenne pepper. 

lentil tortilla soup

To get the recipe click here


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