whole wheat artisan bread recipe

Whole Wheat Herb Artisan Bread

This just seems like the perfect time to break out our no-knead best artisan bread recipe made with our fresh milled flour!  You know what they say, “timing is everything,” so here we go with a terrific pre-any kind of function, crowd gathering, add a nice bodied glass of wine best bread recipe!

Pardon us for bragging a little and enticing you to fresh mill our Hard Red Winter Wheat into flour for this artisan bread recipe. Our artisan bread employs a distinctively rich and naturally sweet flavor that is truly hard to beat.  You will find the texture of our artisan bread to be dense, but not heavy and, just right for dipping in your favorite olive oil or a balsamic combination.

Our artisan bread tastes like it just excited Grandma’s oven 4 decades ago.  You will not be disappointed, this artisan bread recipe is tried and true.

artisan bread recipe


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