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Whole Wheat English Muffins

 Are you obsessed with English muffins?  It’s amazing how different homemade English muffins are compared to the store bought ones!  If Egg McMuffins are your guilty pleasure you won’t be making your way through the drive-up anymore.  Why not make them on your own?  Our homemade healthy whole wheat English muffin recipe is so worth making and very easy. Plus you will benefit from the better nutrition of the wheat English muffin recipe as opposed to the white flour English muffin. Not to start a whole wheat English muffins vs regular English muffin debate. Although we totally think that whole wheat English muffin are way better. You just have to make these whole wheat muffins to see for yourself. These wheat English muffins are also wholemeal English muffins. What's the difference? Wholemeal flour is made from the entire wheat berry. Whole-grain flour is wholemeal flour but includes all cereals grains and pseudo-cereals like quinoa and buckwheat. Whereas with whole-wheat flour the parts of the wheat berry are separated milled individually and the combined back to together to form the needed flour.

Our English muffin recipe whole wheat style has a deep, full flavor, and a smooth and light texture. These whole wheat muffins truly reflect the meaning of “enriched”, because we have not taken anything away from the wheat berry, nor has anything been added, it’s just all natural. This recipe for whole wheat English muffins is the real deal, made from real whole wheat and that makes us proud.

Just for the fun of it, why not make a list of how many ways an extremely delicious fresh whole wheat muffin can be used.  Of course, there are the usuals on the breakfast list like just toasting with butter and adding your favorite fruity spread.  Then there is the egg whole wheat muffin with a thin slice of cheese and such.

How about the perfect whole grain English muffin recipe to make great sandwiches at lunch?  Don’t forget dinner time either, because making little pizzas with our homemade English muffin recipe is a whole bunch of fun too! Although nothing tops English muffin and peanut butter. When your imagination goes wild the possibilities are endless, and amazing things can happen.

Come on and get in the whole wheat groove with us!  Just make sure you use your fresh milled flour within a couple days of milling and store it in the refrigerator for best results.


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    Pat Galloway on

    If I don’t have soft white wheat, can I use all hard red wheat and still get a good outcome?

    James on

    Love the recipe, love the results. Just one thing: the recipe calls for 515 g. of the soft white (3 cups), but as those of us who weigh our wheat berries before grinding, 3 cups equals 307.5 g. I’ll be keeping an eye on you—for more great recipes, of course!

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