vegan whole wheat bread recipe

Easy Vegan Whole Wheat Bread

Our easy vegan whole wheat bread is scrumptiously delicious!  Homemade vegan bread recipes are so easy to make, you can put your teenagers to work in the kitchen.  For one thing, our easy vegan bread recipe takes very little kneading and it is a perfect way to introduce others how to make vegan bread.

This simple recipe for vegan bread is naturally filled with taste bud tantalizing wholeness based upon using high quality non-GMO milled grains. The texture is light and smooth as can be.  Once you taste our simple vegan bread recipe, anything you purchase in the store, even some of the best whole grain bread are guaranteed to taste cheap and a little papery.  

Ok, a little side story and confession – when you were in elementary school and the teacher was just about to catch you tearing off a corner of your nice white notebook paper to pass a note across the aisle to your neighbor and you had to get rid of it quickly . . .  yes, wad it up, place in mouth, offer it to the teacher when asked for it – they wouldn’t take it and read it but will ask you to throw it away - - papery taste.  

We are not suggesting you try the paper, just try our delicious vegan bread recipe, it's terrific!

homemade vegan bread recipe


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