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Chickpea Crust Lemon Bars

Who doesn’t love a great lemon bar or lemon square? We love this lemon bar recipe and it is loaded with tangy lemon flavor. Our recipe for easy lemon bar recipe has a twist it uses chickpeas or garbanzo beans in the crust to add a rich nutty flavor and some protein to this otherwise delicious treat.  While they are not gluten-free they do use less flour than most lemon bar recipes and we are working on a gluten-free crust recipe. 

If you are wondering how to make lemon bars, you start with a delicious butter crust that uses powdered sugar, butter, and a combination of fresh wheat berry flour and pureed garbanzo beans to give the crust a unique and nutty flavor. The beans also help keep the crust extremely tender and moist, but you will want to watch the crust when par-baking it. If the crust doesn’t cook all the way through it won’t be able to handle our custard lemon filling.  

The lemon filling for homemade lemon bars is a delicious custard base that is supplemented with nutty wheat berry flour. It is an easy custard recipe and can be poured directly onto the hot par-baked crust. Again you will want to watch the bake time closely undercooking will cause the custard to not hold its shape when you cut the lemon bars into squares.

After the lemon squares have cooled dust with powdered sugar. Lemon bars are the perfect Spring and Summer dessert, they are light, buttery with a tangy-sweet filling. We hope you enjoy the best lemon bar recipe at your next picnic, potluck or gathering.

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Darlene Starr on

These were EXCELLENT! Cannot find enough words to give accolades too!

Susan Wilcomb on

These bars taste amazing. They have a pleasant lemon flavor. The texture was very tender. Will definitely make and serve these again.

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