brown lentils

Breakfast Bars

These amazing breakfast bars or breakfast cookies are simply beyond description, although we will try.  This is a recipe calls for whole wheat flour as well as lentil flour. It is packed full of whole grain goodness. We use two different whole wheat flours, so as keep the “cookie” taste. The soft white wheat flour is a whole wheat flour that is sweet in taste and white in color. While the hard red wheat is a traditional whole wheat with a nice red color and the robust nutty flavor.

This is an unforgettable combination, and the perfect grab and go breakfast. We have had it kid tested and it passed with flying colors. This lentil recipe it literally a nutritious, thick, luscious breakfast cookie. Combine our lentils with the whole wheat flour and this recipes nutritious value goes up a few notches. Lentils are said to keep you fuller longer, they are full of protein and folate as well as many other nutrients. This recipe is also packed with oats, cinnamon, ginger, almonds and applesauce. How much more goodness could we have packed into them?

We love these bars and all the goodness they bring. There one flow they do crumble a bit but their amazing texture and flavor makes it so worth it.  

 whole wheat flour recipe


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    Betsy Boyce on

    Coconut palm sugar? Why, oh, why???

    Lisa on

    Where’s the nutritional info on these?

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