garbanzo bean muffins

Zucchini Garbanzo Bean Flour Muffins

With our garden overflowing with zucchini we were excited to try out a muffin recipe using garbanzo bean flour. We decided to split the flour between soft white wheat and garbanzo bean flour to ease our family into garbanzo bean flour. If you are new to garbanzo bean flour this is a great way to ease into it. We were excited to use the garbanzo bean flour because with school just around the corner we need some quick breakfasts. The garbanzo bean flour helped to up the protein content in these muffins which is always a plus. 

Another way to up the ante with these delicious garbanzo bean flour muffins would be to sub the sugar for applesauce. This is one of our favorite substitutions to help make baked goods healthier. We hope you enjoy these delicious muffins as much as we do!

muffins garbanzo bean flour


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    Rachel Sly on

    These are amazing! I was a little nervous about the ginger, never used that for zucchini goods before, but they taste awesome and were picky toddler approved!

    Linda on

    Wondering, if substituting the sugar for applesauce, would it be at the same amount?

    Donna Seys on

    I just made these. Excellent!! It’s my first use of garbanzo flour. Most delicious. I made a change, and only because I didn’t see them in your image, I eliminated the choco chips. I’m sure they’d be great with them. Great without too! Recommend.

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