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Winter Wheat Berry Risotto

Few ingredients, big flavor, nice texture = our winter wheat berry risotto!  Our soft white winter wheat really does work well in our risotto recipe.  This is a risotto recipe you will be making time, after time, after time!  The flavor base is just the beginning and when you add our plump winter wheat berries, the aroma makes you want to start tasting before you finish the risotto recipe!

Risotto originated as an Italian dish made with rice.  However, wait until you try our wheat berry risotto recipe! There is no magic to making this risotto recipe. Once you learn the basic procedures, it is all about personal taste and we like ours somewhere between creamy and a slightly chewy.

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When making wheat berry risotto you can completely let your creativity flow and experiment with varying combinations.  Did you shop for fresh vegetables at one of your local farmers' markets, or harvest your garden?  Adding spices and vegetables is so much fun.  You really should experiment when making risotto!

Add your experiments one bite at a time.  Try some lightly steamed asparagus, tomatoes or another lightly steamed vegetable.  We recommend using Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and nothing of lesser quality this recipe has so few ingredients that they quality of the cheese makes all the difference.

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