how to make pumpkin bars

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bars

Once we start to get further and further into this spooky month it seems that pumpkins are EVERYWHERE - only reminding us of our unbelievable Pumpkin Bars recipe. This is a whole wheat flour recipe and though that might be a little intimidating, we are all about simple recipes here at Palouse Brand, how to make these pumpkin bars is so easy, you’ll want to make them year round. With a cream cheese frosting on the top, these bars are great for Halloween parties or just a night in watching Hocus Pocus. 

 whole wheat flour recipes

Palouse Brand Multi-Purpose Flour is the best option of our 4 wheat flours to make these whole wheat pumpkin bars. With any recipe using our whole wheat flours, it’s best to alter the recipe to use slightly more liquid, as the whole wheat flour will soak up liquids more quickly than a store-bought flour. Luckily for you we’ve already perfected this recipe for exactly what measurements you’ll need for perfectly delicious bars.    

pumpkin bars recipe

whole wheat flour recipes


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These sound A-mazing!

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