Spring Wheat Berry Salad Recipe

Spring Wheat Berry Salad

If you have not been introduced to wheat berries before, may we just say that wheat berries are quick to prepare, inexpensive, extremely appetizing, and very nutritious.  What is a wheat berry? It is a kernel of wheat that offers, bran, germ, and endosperm, lots of fiber, protein, and B Vitamins.

What are wheat berries? Wheat berries are unaltered whole kernels of wheat. Did you also know that wheat berries, if stored properly, will be good for up to about 30 years?  If you plan to store your wheat berries that long we recommend getting a food storage bucket or mylar bags. If you think you will have your wheat berries for about a year or so storing them in their original packaging is just fine. There is so much more to share about wheat berries but for right now, we are going to get going with how to prepare them for our Spring Wheat Berry Salad.

Begin by prepping your hard red wheat berries a good day in advance for this wheat berry salad recipe.  That is one sure way of being able to complete this particular wheat berry salad and serve it up in about 15 minutes time.  Who doesn’t like a quick meal after a long day?  And yes, we said “meal” because this wheat berry salad is all you will need for dinner.  Well, a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc goes quite well with it too. Just sayin!

We think you will fall in love with our wheat berry salad, just like we did.  This wheat berry salad recipe will send your taste buds soaring, from the nutty flavor of tender, whole wheat berries, right to the fresh vegetables with just the right amount of crunch.  When served up warm, ” yum” is all we can say.  Bet you can’t stop with just one serving of our truly delicious wheat berry salad.

How to Cook Hard Wheat Berries Tip:  You can prepare the wheat berries ahead of time, store them in the refrigerator for one up to one week.


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    Tiffany Croft on

    I think this is great! The website, the layout, the products etc…come on people, if you can’t figure out how to boil some wheat berries then don’t try to blame the author of the recipe, you have bigger problems. I think sometimes people just look for a reason to leave a negative comment. That’s not kind. Palouse, keep up the great work. I appreciate everything you do and everything you stand for.

    Sherril Miller on

    Thanks Sterling and Christina, love the burlap bag and appreciate lable that was still sticky enough to sta on storage jar! Well done

    Roxanne on

    Cindy, I grew briefly frustrated over the apparent lack of instructions on how to prepare wheat berries as well, but I eventually found them on their product pages, though they didn’t differentiate between hard and soft berries (are the instructions really the same for both?). This is what they said:
    “ How to Cook Wheat Berries
    Bring at least 3 cups of water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add 1 cup rinsed wheat berries, and reduce the heat. Simmer until tender, checking periodically for 25 mins.”

    Cindy on

    How do you prepare the wheat berries?

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