vegan barley and kidney bean stew

Vegan Irish Stew

Oh boy – that just about says it all! This vegan stew is loaded with so many healthy root vegetables and of course, our extremely delicious kidney beans and pearled barley!  

The rich and robust flavor is undeniable!  Our vegan stew is full of root vegetables that contribute to our healthy eating habits, and when we put our kidney beans in this vegetarian stew we are packing it with a major source of healthy protein.

kidney beans and pearled barley stew

If you are not a vegetarian, no worries, there is plenty of room for you to move right past this vegan recipe and add some stew meat as well as your favorite beer to achieve the flavor you want.  Just make certain you don’t leave out the delicious beans and barley!

You will be surprised how fast the chopping, slicing, and preparation of the ingredients are for this vegan stew, especially when you prepare our fresh garbanzo beans early.  You can actually prepare the beans and keep them in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, or prepare them and freeze them in a tight sealing bag. We also made this delicious Irish Soda bread


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Rick Genazzi on

You may have missed a direction for adding the seasoning!

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