best shortbread cookie recipe

Best Shortbread Cookies

If you are looking for the best shortbread recipe then this shortbread recipe is just for you.  Our shortbread cookie recipe is quick and easy, as well as fabulous.  We like our shortbread cookies to be slightly brown on top and semi-soft on the inside.  How about you?  This is the best shortbread cookie recipe we know of and well worth making.  It’s a “try it, you’ll like it” kind of shortbread recipe!

Our shortbread cookie recipe can be put together in no time at all if you have already milled your flour.  There are only 5 ingredients.  Shortbread cookies are always a favorite and can be served for any occasion.  This shortbread recipe is extremely buttery which always makes things taste good.

Shortbread recipes are a wonderful starting point for all kinds of sweet adventures.  You can top it with some jam; add some flavor to it by adding almond or vanilla extract, even a little cardamom, or both! If you are a chocolate lover, then melt some chocolate on top.  If you want to put cookie icing on top, we have included that recipe for you as well. You can always leave it alone since our shortbread recipe can stand on its own in perfect simplicity and our shortbread recipe is already mildly sweet!  Isn’t it totally nice to have tons of options for our shortbread cookie recipe?  We certainly think so!

We believe our shortbread recipe is terrific because of our freshly milled soft white wheat berries.  We mill our wheat berries in our WonderMill on the pastry setting.  The flour you mill for this shortbread cookie recipe will be light and fluffy.  In fact, we encourage you to mill the wheat berries and then slowly run a spoon through the flour gently lifting and lowering it adding a little more air.

The most difficult part of our shortbread cookie recipe is waiting for this delightfully light-gold, crisp/flaky shortbread to bake.



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Chris Idzerda on

This are my go to dessert base. Thickness is what you want. My favorite recipe is shortbread dough in the pan line with parchment paper so you can lift it out. Then press about 2 ounces of dark chocolate cookies int the shortbread dough. Then you have a decision at this point as you glop and spread jam over the dough and chocolate chips with jam that you have a similar fruit to put on top. Then more chocolate chips. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until done.

Daniel Hobbs on

What size baking pan, and how thick should the batter be once in the pan?

Anne Rivera on

Shortbread was fabulous without icing. My co-worker ate it with the vegan Irish stew.

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