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Hearty Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Here you go, a bulgur stuffed mushroom recipe that is absolutely excellent - a wonderful merging of flavors and textures that suggests a slightly dramatic presentation, and Portobello’s are definitely the “meat” in this extra tasty dish. The bulgur and the mushroom maybe the stars but the sun dried tomatoes, basil and lemon zest hit all the right notes in this stuffed mushroom recipe. With all this marrying of flavors the hard red winter wheat berry, really pulls it all together. We think it is the perfect wheat berry for making bulgur. Don’t worry making bulgur is easy, find our easy instructions here.

stuffed mushroom recipe

Our stuffed mushroom recipe is stuffed with whole-grain bulgur and we think it is an excellent change from rice stuffed mushrooms! Since bulgur is a whole grain it is said to be high in fiber, low-fat, low calorie as well a vegan and vegetarian ingredient. This hearty stuffed mushroom recipe is filled with protein and fiber. Even with all this nutrition this recipe tastes like a cheat meal. Between the bulgur, Parmesan cheese, and basil this recipe is a knock out. It hits every taste bud in all the best ways. This is a family favorite and weeknight staple

We love wheat bulgur and enjoy the full flavor it brings to our tables. You will most definitely need a knife and fork, a napkin, and if we can make a suggestion, a nice glass of white wine. 

stuffed mushroom recipe winter wheat


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