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Easy Breakfast Burritos with Lentils

Yowza!  Here is a crowd pleaser for any time of the year that is healthy, healthy, healthy.  These breakfast burritos are full of the  flavor, texture and consistency our non-GMO lentils bring to this easy lentil recipe.  If you are looking for an easy breakfast burrito that uses few ingredients, yet tastes delicious and comes together quickly, this easy lentil breakfast burrito is just what you are looking for.

You are going to fall in love with our recipe for lentil breakfast burritos, and even if you have family or company that is not “tuned” into lentil burritos, we pretty much guarantee they will ask for more once they have tasted our breakfast burrito recipe!

When we referred to the flavor, texture and consistency of our easy lentil recipe earlier we weren't kidding, our process that delivers every time, and we don’t consider that bragging.  Rather, we would like to share that we personally care for every one of our lentils from start to finish, as in farm to table, which represents the quality kind of “food chain” we know you are looking for

These easy breakfast burritos are fun to make and we suggest you prepare and serve these breakfast burritos hot.  Let us throw a couple of ideas your way for accomplishing that.

This breakfast burrito recipe can virtually be prepared in advance by cooking the lentils the day before and reheating them when added to the egg/veggie mixture in the large pan as you complete this breakfast burrito recipe in the morning.  Then arrange the baby spinach leaves on the tortilla, add the shredded cheese, roll up and, serve them hot.

See, nothing to it!  If you want to crisp them up a bit, put them on the griddle, heat and flip, then serve. Don’t worry about any hunger feelings before your next meal.  These easy breakfast burritos will fill you up in a flash and literally “stick to your ribs” just like grandma used to say! A little side dish of fresh fruit accompanies this easy lentil recipe and rounds out your breakfast meal.


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    Janet marie Janssen on

    please want purchase recipes all meals to use with the hard red winter wheat beries from you

    Diana R. on

    Thank you for this recipe! I often have leftover lentils, and this is definitely going into our breakfast rotation!

    David L on

    The recipe (thank goodness) doesn’t say vegan.
    Bring on the eggs and bacon.

    Palouse Brand on

    David you are 100% correct, we know that and must have just been so caught up in our love of lentils that we forgot about the eggs and the cheese! We will change our images at once! Thanks for your feedback!

    David on

    Same with the cheese.

    David on

    Not to be too persnickety, but eggs aren’t in vegan recipes, as it’s an animal product.

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