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The Best Chocolate Brownies from Scratch

Fudgy Lentil Brownies that pack the protein!  We find scratch brownies are so much better than store bought.  Plus these add in our lentils for an extra healthy punch and are made vegan with some simple ingredient replacements.  These brownies are dark, extra rich in flavor, and have a creamy texture you will love.

High Protein Brownies 

We really like to share lentil recipes that bring lentil nutrition to our bodies, outstanding flavor to our taste buds, and contentment and satisfaction.  Legumes aren’t just for savory dishes anymore—they’re part of a new healthy baking trend.  Focusing on this trend we tried leaving out the added sugar and used real maple syrup. Pure maple syrup maybe a little more expensive but the flavor it provides is worth it! Lentils are filled with fiber, protein, iron, and an abundance of vitamins and minerals such as potassium and folate.  Lentils are the “superfoods” you will want to consistently incorporate into your meal plans.

Our lentils have packed so much decadence and luxury into our brownies from scratch that it is hard not to eat too many at once. Brown lentils paired with chocolate chips and cocoa powder transforms sweet treats into nutritious and chocolatey delights.

We used freshly milled flour from hard white wheat berries because we love adding the whole wheat nutrition to this recipe as well as the brown lentils. You could substitute our fresh flour for whole wheat flour, but the texture and flavor the fresh flour provides we feel can’t be matched. Plus who doesn’t love the extra fiber from the bran in freshly milled flour? 

You don’t need to feel guilty about eating brownies anymore!  We sincerely hope you love this lentil recipe as much as we do. We also love to top these brownies with homemade whipped cream. With a little homemade whipped cream, these chocolate brownies become the perfect Summer treat.  



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    pat holmes on

    i need the protein content in grams

    Suzanne on

    Some nutritional information here would be helpful, even if it’s just a few things like calories, carbs, and fat.

    Sandy on

    Can I use my chicken or duck eggs instead of vegan eggs with this brownie recipe?

    Janice on

    These brownies are excellent. Didn’t add the marshmallows. They aren’t needed. Moist, scrumptious brownies. Highly recommend!

    Nancy Thomasch on

    I do not use any type of vegetable oil. Can butter or coconut oil be substituted? Also I do not use soy, can I use regular eggs? Otherwise this looks delicious. What are the lentils replacing, or are they just an addition for extra protein? Beans are not a problem for me, as are soy and vegetable oil. Soy is feminizing men, and vegetable oils are just nasty.

    Paula on

    What vegan egg replacement did you use?

    Dottie Pendleton on

    Is this 1/3 cup lentils before or after they are cooked? Thanks, the recipe looks great!

    Christine Young on

    Can you substitute unsweetened applesauce for some of the maple syrup?

    Anne on

    I covered the top with marshmallows before baking and increased the baking time 30 more minutes. Yum!!!

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