Easy Blender Whole Wheat Pancakes

Easy Blender Whole Wheat Pancakes

We love wheat berries and breakfast! This is a whole-wheat pancake recipe that delightfully combines both. We have tried our share of this breakfast staple from buttermilk pancakes to gluten free. With all of that tasting we can tell you this is the best pancake recipe. It is a simple pancake recipe that produces indulgent and decadent pancakes. Their texture and color are distinctive. We promise this will be like no other wheat pancake you have tried.

This is an easy pancake recipe featuring wheat berries that doesn’t require the use of a grinder or to spend large amounts of time making your own flour. It is a quick pancake recipe that just requires a blender. It takes no longer to make this homemade pancake recipe than it does to make pancakes from a mix; we made this recipe in less than ten minutes. This recipe is also easier and faster to make than most recipes for a homemade pancake mix.

Now that we have talked about how delicious and easy it is to make this pancake recipe from scratch, let’s talk about how nutritious it is as well. One cup of wheat berries has 30 grams of protein and 23 grams of fiber and since you are using the whole-wheat berry in this pancake you are getting all of that great nutrition. It is a great way to add whole grains to your diet. We might even call them healthy pancakes. (They become less healthy when you slather them in syrup or your grandmas’ jam.)

This pancake batter capitalizing on whole grain nutrition is awesome, but using different wheat berries can give you different results. The hard red spring wheat berry we used in this recipe gives you a wonderful golden red color and that rustic whole grain flavor most of us expect from whole-wheat items. If you want to try these easy homemade pancakes but don’t’ know if that whole-wheat flavor is your cup of tea, especially in a pancake, try the hard white wheat berry. It is neutral in color and has a sweeter flavor than its red counterpart. Try our wheat berry sample pack to find out which wheat berry you think best fits this recipe. We were shocked that the hard red wheat berry was our favorite. Let us know what you think of this recipe and leave a comment below.

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    John Nolte on

    About 40 years ago I made a blender pancake batter from wheat berries soaked overnight. The blender did the job but I’m not sure it could have without the soak.
    Can your recipe work by just combining wheat berries and milk in the refrigerator overnight? Then add the rest of ingredients and blend?

    Paul Emerson on

    You need a blender that has a lot of power and speed. I use a vitamix and let it run for about a minute and a half. But I blend the wheat Berrys first by themselves in the blender. I also let them site in a 150 degree oven for about an hour…before I blend. Although I have done it without drying them first with good results.

    Lori on

    I tried making these pancakes. I have a Ninja blender. The wheat berries didn’t get ground up completely. They tasted good but they’re full of little, hard wheat berries. I blended longer than suggested. Do I need a better blender?

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