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Whole Wheat All-Purpose Baking Mix

 Do you know that all-purpose baking mix made famous in the 1930s? The slogan read “90 seconds from package to oven.” Yes! We are talking about Bisquick! Bisquick was an incredibly innovative idea when it was created and is still widely relevant today. Bisquick is regularly stocked at our most popular grocery stores and found in many homes across our nation. In this recipe, we use the innovative idea of Bisquick to create our own homemade Bisquick recipe using our fresh Soft White Wheat Flour!

As stated above, this mix uses fresh ground whole wheat flour made from our Soft White Wheat Berries. Our Soft White Wheat flour is a perfect pairing for this All-Purpose Baking Mix. The flour is of a sweeter variety and produces a tender crumb perfect for biscuits, pancakes, waffles, sweet breads, and other pastries. To the flour, we add a small amount of sugar. We aren’t huge fans of adding sugar when not needed but, in this recipe, we feel the sugar adds an important browning quality and versatility to the mix. Baking powder is added for leavening. Salt is added for flavor and vegetable shortening is added for tenderness. There you have it! A perfect all-purpose baking mix ready to make your favorite recipes in 90 seconds!

homemade bisquick recipe

This easy to make recipe is great to have on hand for weekday breakfasts when time is limited but pancakes are a must, or maybe for those weekend mornings when everyone sleeps in late and wakes up hungry! Serving biscuits at dinner will never be easier with this all-purpose baking mix on hand! Have we sold you on this yet? If not, consider gifting this mix during the holiday season. We can’t think of a better gift than the gift of farm-to-table whole grain all-purpose baking mix! Package this gift in your favorite jar with some recipes attached. We promise your friends and family will love it!

We are extremely excited about this recipe and the recipes to come using this Whole Wheat All-Purpose Baking Mix! Whole grain should never be overlooked when creating your family’s favorite recipes. Whole grain offers superior nutrition for our bodies and more often than not, superior flavor for our taste buds! We hope you give this recipe a try and incorporate it into your favorite recipes! We look forward to bringing you many recipe uses of our own, so stay tuned!


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    Sharon on

    Recommend a substitute for the shortening please? Thanks

    Linda Aase on

    I used the auto IQ blender NINJA)

    Palouse Brand on

    We love our Wondermill!

    Sandra on

    Can you please recommend a mill to grind your soft white wheat. I buy your lentils, garbanzos and love them! But I want to try milling. Any advice?

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