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9 Tips for Saving on Groceries

This last year has brought many changes to everyone's daily lives. It is safe to say that more people are cooking at home than in years past. We all know bread making has seen a rise in popularity in 2020 and we love seeing all the wonderful loaves! Cooking at home is a great place to try new things and a great way to bond with the people of your household. If you aren't careful though the cost of cooking at home can start to add up. Special ingredients and impulse purchases have all been culprits of raising the grocery bill. So whether cooking at home is new to you or you have been doing it for years we find these tips for saving on groceries helpful. 

saving on groceries

1. Shop Online, Delivery or Pick-Up

Save time and money by shopping online, scheduling delivery or pick up. These options not only allow you to save time, but they are also quick and easy ways to stick to your list and budget. Get to checkout and your cart is too expensive, simply remove any extra or bonus purchases! 

Delivery is our favorite. Having groceries brought to you door? Yes, please! 

2. Pantry Staples

Going back to the basics and making sure your pantry is stocked with a wide variety of staple ingredients is key to cooking at home. Dry goods are inexpensive and have long shelf life. Using basic ingredients and ditching ready-made meals is the best way to save some green. Going meatless one night a week can also be a great way to stretch your dollar. 

3. Soups 

We asked our Facebook fans what their best tip was saving money on groceries and the resounding answer was soups! Soups are a great way to freshen up leftovers. Soups are also one of the few entrées that allow you to make a delicious and hearty meal for pennies! 

4. Meal Planning

Meal planning, everyone always suggests meal planning as a great way to save on groceries. While sitting down every week or month to plan your meals and make your list may be daunting, it really is one of the best ways to cut your budget. We make this task less daunting by using tip number one, so at least we save time not going to the store!

5. Subscribe and Save

If you are purchasing you groceries online, we always recommend using a subscribe and save option if its available. With this you can get groceries delivered right to your door as often as you need them and often you can save at least 5% on most items just by signing up. 

6. Freezer Meals 

You need to set aside a day to take advantage of this savings tip, but freezer meals are a great way to avoid last minute spending when you are too tired to make dinner or something comes up. We also love to have freezer meals on hand to take to friends and family in times of need. 


7. Ignore Eye-Level Items

Grocery stores are smart and they put the most expensive items right at eye level! They are hoping you will grab the item you can easily see, instead of looking down or up to see the same item from a different brand at a lower price. 

8. Don't Shop While Hungry

This tip is true no matter how you shop for groceries in store or online! Shopping on an empty stomach can lead to "hangry" shopping choices you will pay for later. 

9. Use a Cash Back App

Don't forget to use a rebate app to get cash back! Several members of our team use Ibotta but there are quite a few options, its like couponing but so much easier! Check out a list of great apps here



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