7-Layer Lentil Dip

7-Layer Lentil Dip

Whether it is football season, a picnic in the park, a family gathering or your favorite movie night at home, this healthy 7-layer dip replaces traditional bean dips, and brings it all together for more fun!

Our Healthy 7-Layer Lentil Dip gives our legumes a chance to “shine” and take the place of refried beans or hamburger, typical of taco dip recipes.  Our Non-GMO lentils bring a load of protein because they have not been irradiated or processed in any way.  Simply said, they are ready to use right from the bag; all field debris is removed due to our non-invasive food and packaging processes.

Aside from their high supply of nutrients, there is another benefit of including protein-packed lentils in your diet on a regular basis   Lentils are extremely versatile and dirt cheap, that’s right, dirt cheap in comparison to purchasing meat.  A big batch of dry lentils costs only dollars, so they are a great, economical way to add that healthy source of essential minerals, protein and dietary fiber you desire to many types of meals without needing to purchase expensive cuts of meat. 

It doesn’t matter where we serve this 7-layer dip it always disappears right away!  We are pretty certain our bean dip recipe will become a regular “go to” lentil recipe from your kitchen, just as it is from ours.

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